How to Organize Your Freezer: 6 Effective Freezer Storage Tricks

Freezer Storage

Your freezer space might seem unlimited to you as you keep stashing all that can be frozen into it. Sometimes the amount of things in your freezer increases to the extent that you’re not able to find anything easily. Some things get pushed behind and you completely forget about them. A lot of food is wasted because of this. Here are six tricks to organize your freezer or freezer room and save both, money and food.

  1. Find out what’s freezable

You might think that all food can be frozen, but this is not true. Not all foods survive freezing. Foods which are high in moisture, such as watermelon, lettuce, fried foods and dairy products should not be stored in the freeze. Nuts, waffles, broths, fish, meats, shrimp, stews and chilis can be stored in the freezer, with their taste and quality being intact.

  1. Freeze usable portions

The easiest thing to do is to stash entire packs of chicken, meat, fish or anything else, but I’m sure you have gone through massive struggles to take out a small portion from the frozen whole, just like the rest of us. What you can do to avoid that is, freeze in small potions, which you can put in separate freezer bags or containers. You can also freeze individual parts and then put all of it in one container or bag.

Freezer Storage

  1. Freeze flat

Freezing things flat will allow you to store a greater quantity of food in the freezer. Just put the food into bags, seal them and store the bags flat, until they freeze. Flat frozen bags can be stacked or organized upright in containers.

  1. Right-sized containers make all the difference

Your freezer containers would make a lot of difference to keeping the food as safe as possible. The containers’ size should fit the different sizes of food that has to be stored, or else your food can degrade due to freezer burn. You must have different sizes of containers like 5 gallon food safe buckets to store different sizes of food. Also, remember to press all the air out of the container before freezing. Even if you use aluminium foil, you must make sure that the food is airtight.

  1. Use plastic tubs to organize inside the freezer

Freezers often do not have shelf space as such, and the open space inside it means you have to store things haphazardly. To solve this, you can buy plastic tubs in which you can store your food, maybe even sort your food by category, which will make it miles easier to find and use when you want it. Why not label and date the tubs, while you’re at it?

  1. Storing ice cream properly

Make space in your freezer for your beloved ice cream and never, ever put it in the place which is really warm – the door. Use the door to store booze and nuts.

An organized freezer, is a beautiful thing — you can actually find what you’re looking for instantly, and there would not be any wastage of food either.