Get The Ultimate Office Support with an Executive Suite

If your business is off and running, it seems like nothing can slow you down. You know as an entrepreneur that danger lurks behind any given corner, so you have to be prepared. ‘Danger’ doesn’t mean your product will cause damage by any means. The danger in business can be very sneaky. It can mean spinning your wheels on certain aspects of your project that in the end are unimportant. It could mean making assumptions that aren’t true. It could also mean getting bogged down with administrative tasks – the greatest danger of all.

For entrepreneurs like Andrew Defrancesco, administration is important since it’s their front line for customer support. Having great administration is key to your business, but it shouldn’t be handled by you. You have bigger things to worry about.

Virtual office support comes in different ways like virtual meeting which is very necessary nowadays. If you need to ensure participants are prepared for meetings and to foster lively, constructive discussion, see Decisions website here to learn more. Support can also be through rooms, services, or simply help with your overall budget. If you’re interested in booking a virtual office, visit for more details.

Here are some office supports your business can’t live without.

Meeting Space

As mentioned, support comes in different forms. The convenience of having an office space is one such service. Being able to have a place where you can keep up with what your employees are doing is important to your business’ success. Managing a project means constant communication.

Having a virtual executive suite gives you the opportunity to host meetings with your team and have feedback on the various elements being worked on. You know you shouldn’t check in too often, but being informed makes the final product that much better. Aids such as Free Meeting Notes Templates would be invaluable in making any meeting a success.

Phone Service

Your phone is your lifeline. You need it for countless things in your life, and your business is one of them. Many entrepreneurs run their whole operation off of their phone. They know how essential a small business voip is for their business especially on a daily basis.

With that said, there’s something about having a direct business line that adds a sense of professionalism to any operation. Virtual executive suites have receptionists at the ready to handle your incoming calls and take notes for you. With these professional administrative assistants answering your phones, your customers will see that you care enough about your business to hire an actual person for your answering service.

Mail Service

Like the last point, having your mail forwarded to your virtual executive suite has its benefits. Once your business gets rolling, having any and all mail meant for your company delivered to your home could become a nuisance. Important documents and mailed files can be forwarded to your virtual suite very easily. It will be waiting for you when you’re ready to pick it up.

Agreeable Price Point

One of the hardest things to find as a business is a place to set up base camp. Having a proper office to call your own can be expensive if you rent on your own. Without costing in the repairs and renovations that would be needed, you’ll likely be paying thousands of dollars a month in rent. With a virtual executive suite, you can curb costs immensely. This is a service because most startups don’t have the kind of money necessary to rent expensive downtown real estate.


If you are an active person, chances are that you like to get out to the gym or go for a run during the day. Or maybe you need to collect your children from school. Traditional office hours don’t allow for that kind of freedom. Another service that’s provided by a virtual executive office is simply freeing up your time. By having your phones, mail, and employees taken care of, you are able to do more of the things you need to do.

Improve Your Business With a Virtual Executive Suite

As your business continues to grow, office support become more important. Whether they’re taking care of your phones and mail, or offering a central meeting place, or giving you more time during your day, services like these will become vital to your entire operation. Use them to your advantage. Additionally, One of the ways you can utilize your sales team to grow your managed services practice is by ensuring they are properly trained, continue reading