Low Seating Furniture Ideas in Modern Times

Bohemian style

Low seating has been a tradition in many cultures, India, Japan and China have followed this seating technique for ages.  Well, a study recently has shown that low seating is healthy habit, it naturally improves your posture, has been correlated with a longer life expectancy and not to mention gives a brand new, humble and grateful perspective on others.

Now, when it comes to style, floor seating furniture has plethora of options to explore. From lounge furniture to lawn furniture there are number of things you can experiment with. But before you go ahead with the complete change decide if a low height is your style. Anyone with knee and back problems should avoid low seating.

Low seating sofa suggests casual feel and if you are looking at something fancy and designer look consider taller heights with fatter cushions. Next clue to choosing right low seating furniture is upholstery, there are many different textures, colors and patterns to choose from, including cotton fabric, leather fabric, linen fabric and silk fabric, so be sure to consider what makes sense for your interior design.

Low seating doesn’t mean all the furniture has to be same height, group together aesthetic furniture with height variation as that would work better when you have more people to attend to. Modular sofas can be arranged and re-arranged as per the desired look.

Let’s have a look at various styles of low seating which can be used in both indoors and outdoors.

Lounge furniture – There are several types of sofas that are most suited for low seating furniture in living room, love seats, sofa beds, cushions, fainting couch. They appear in various sizes, height and width which means you can mix match the look as per your design plan.

Mix and Match Modular Sofa – You have the flexibility to mix and match the patterns of your choice and use any part of the room to create a casual seating area.

Vallentuna sofa from Ikea can be customized as per your needs, with big choice of styles and covers, it’s easy to get the look that suits you.
vallentuna sofa

Cozy Pasha – One seating solution for a large room, this smart sofa contains sections the combine high and low armrest seats, making it truly unique. The plush cushions in a feather mix can be upholstered in either leather or removable fabric, while the wooden frame of the sofa is sturdy and durable.
cosy pasha

Bohemian style – Layered rugs and low, comfortable seating with lots of pillows are crucial for achieving the comfortable bohemian look.

Bohemian style

Low Seating Chairs Found at designswan.com these low seating chair is perfect. You can change the layout as per the need and I really like the fabric.

Low Seating Chairs

Upwell Design’s latest creation – ‘Down Low Seating’ comfort chairs are perfect for living-room sessions, casual meetings, TV, dining, and especially gaming. These smart units can also be used as office chairs.

Low-to-the-ground one-seater with a bottom cushion that flips down like a foldout bed to form a footrest, upholstered in an Urquiola-designed textured fabric.

Japanese style low seating chairs with sleek design, it is a new look for traditional Japanese-style room furniture.

Best way to get desired low seating is to DIY, reused mattresses dressed up with funky fabric creates perfect lounge furniture. For me they work perfectly as patio seating sets.

This triangle pillow is perfect solution for small spaces, easy to fold it creates additional seating option in quickly.

Multicolor cushions in chunky knitwear is amazing way to add interesting height dimension to the room. Chic and functional knitted poufs offer comfortable seating be it the living room or the patio.

Morocco style round embroidered floor cushions are stylish and must haves (I found couple of these in flea market and I am loving them as my dining chair cushions)!

Outdoor Low Seating – This outdoor patio set by Majestic Home Goods Outdoor Indoor Bamboo Kick-It Chair, will add style and functionality to your living room, dorm room or outdoor patio. Woven from outdoor treated polyester, these loungers are durable yet comfortable. The beanbags are eco-friendly and feature a removable zippered slipcovers.

A woven-wicker design pair by wayfair.com is Azaleh 4 piece sectional seating group with neutral cushions.

This all-weather U-shaped acrylic outdoor 3 piece set adds comfort and color to your garden furniture. Weather-resistant and fade-resistant, these cushions are sure to brighten up your patio or porch for years to come. Find this garden furniture set at sale on www.overstock.com

If you have made up your mind to make low seating your style statement, there are lots of choices and styles for both indoor and outdoor. Here are few last minute tips before you go on shopping spree –

  • Design seating arrangements that any guest can enjoy, mix low seating like floor cushions or pillows along with your other normal height seating.
  • Placing low seating around a table gives the low seating a styled vignette and makes it more comfortable to use.
  • Low seating that comes with built-in backs is the most comfortable and supportive type of low seating.
  • Mattresses that are usually made for things like daybeds or outdoor seating are best to be used directly on the floor.

Happy furnishing!! Let’s Live Impressive!!