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There is not enough time in the world, especially if you are a working woman. In all that hustle at home and work we usually end up way to exhausted. Off course a relaxed and organized start makes the day more productive and effective. Here are 10 Smart hacks to Save Time and allow to invest time in your own passion.

Prepare Weekly Meals Plan

What to eat or what to make is the most annoying question and yet the most important one, so, making a weekly meal plan will help you immensely. You can buy groceries accordingly, finish the prep-work and can easily sort things to its place on the weekend.

Invest in a Coffee Maker with a Timer

Nothing soothes more than a hot cup of coffee in the morning, invest in a coffee maker that features an auto-brew setting, your coffee is hot and ready when you wake up. Saves lots of time and off course good way to start the day.

Organize Your Outfits


What to wear? All lovely ladies struggle through this, I personally use to spend 15 minutes just looking into the wardrobe. Prepping outfits the night before works but attacking the task at once will help just right. Consider planning an entire week’s wear over the weekend. Arrange the accessories along with outfits to save another ten minutes. (You will be able to manage the laundry more effectively as well)

Leave Breakfast Items at Work

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in morning rush we forget or skip the same to save time. Instead, Stock your drawer at work with a few breakfast items that you can make at the office to save more time at home.

Set Multiple Reminders

We tend to forget the due dates for bills and other important tasks, apart from scheduling the week ahead, try n set multiple reminders to follow you up on pending tasks. Use the automated services to pay your rent, bills etc.

Limit Grooming Products

Having one of each product you need on hand will save time and money by reducing your stash. Using products that can multi task is another great option, a BB Cream can be used as base and SPF, nude shade lipstick that work as lip moisturizer is a great way to save time and look good.

Sleep in Your Workout Clothes

Try and sleep in your easy gym wear, save time on getting dressed for it. Also, it is a great way to shake off laziness since you can convince yourself that if you’re dressed and ready to go, there’s no excuse not to.


Cut down the time on spent on making decisions, decluttering is a huge productivity booster. Minimize the clothes to what you actually wear, multi-task with kitchen appliances, declutter the carry bag at least once in 10 days. Be Simple, Be Smart!

Limit Time on Social Media

Social Media takes away time from more engaging, productive activities. Turn off notification on social media for a while, declutter your phone of apps you no longer need. Restrict timeline to use social media platforms.

Sleep on Time

Nothing beats a good night sleep, feeling fresh and beautiful in morning is essential for you to take on the world. I have spent a decade working late nights, not only it made me groggy in morning but health took a toll. Set reminders with sleep calculator to make sure you start sleeping on time. Restricting social call to weekends is another amazing way to get required rest on a hectic schedule.

These 10 smart hacks to save time are lifesavers, try on taking one step at a time. You can start with one or two things at a time and can see a change in less than a week’s time. Give yourself a break from the crazy schedule and live impressive!!

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