5 Remodelling Tips That Will Make Your Home More Attractive


Remodeling a house, when done properly, can be a fun and exciting task. If you happen to be a creative and visual person, then you’re probably brimming with ideas on how to make the image in your head a reality. You may have been thinking about doing some home remodeling because you’ve had your home for a while now and you want a change. On the other hand, you could be into real estate and remodeling to sell one of your properties. Irrespective of what your reason for remodeling is, the end goal is to make your property look more attractive. There isn’t a way that is set in stone to achieve this. However, there are ways you can make your home stand out, increase its value, and do all of this without breaking the bank. This article will break your home down into sections and look at how you can remodel each to your satisfaction.

Change the Doors

The first point of entry into a house and every other room is a door. It may, therefore, be a good idea to make them look as inviting as possible, keeping in mind that doing so can also add value to your property. When deciding on door designs, think of the kind of door that you’d see that would make you want to come into the house. If you can change the doors, you could change them completely to something modern. These might include contemporary textured doors, glazed doors, pocket doors if you’re trying to manage space or timber veneer. To save money, you could decide to simply repaint the doors and change the color. If the door happens to be in a dark room, consider painting the ceiling, trims and door 50 percent lighter than the color of the walls to improve lighting.

Boost the Value of your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a place where you probably spend a lot of time if you love to cook or host dinner parties. However, you may be apprehensive about remodeling your kitchen because of the cost implications, but what if you could do it for under $5,000? You could start with your cabinets by painting them using a semigloss finish and adding modern knobs and pulls. After this, perhaps think about remodeling the floors. You can do this by choosing an earthy tone to paint them if you’ve got hardwood floors. If you have a tiled floor, you could choose ceramic tiles instead and try out earthy tones or warm colors to give it a homely feel. In regards to countertops, installing durable ones made out of concrete blocks toowoomba should ensure that they don’t easily burn or crack. If you have a smaller space, consider using granite or marble to give it a more expensive feel. Lastly, throw in some good lighting and a new sink to increase the resale value of your house if you’re going to sell the house at some point.

Convert the Attic 

If you can afford it, instead of having a damp and gloomy attic, why not convert it? You could create a home office, or second living room out of this space. If you happen to be remodeling to sell your property, this could also become an attractive selling point for potential buyers. Attic conversions can be pretty expensive, so if you can’t afford it, consider commercial lending through a bank such as https://www.manasquanbank.com/business-banking/business-lending, to help you create your perfect home office. They usually have fast approval rates seeing as decisions regarding loans are made locally. It means you could get your loan within a short time frame and begin creating your dream home office in your attic. Bear in mind that converting the attic into a usable room can also easily shoot up the value of your property as the more rooms, the merrier in the world of real estate.


When remodeling the bathroom, you should probably go for something more modern. It could mean replacing outdated tubs or showers with a glass or tile shower stall or a jetted tub. You can also replace the shower doors to match your new bathroom design. Not only will a modern bathroom give it a more modern feel, but it could also help increase the value of the house. Like the kitchen, lighting, sinks, and flooring are essential for giving the bathroom a lift. Also, consider upgrading items such as the mirror as well as shelves and towel racks. It may be reassuring to know that your investment most likely won’t be in vain seeing as bathrooms are said to get back 80-90% of their costs in home value.

Create Themes in the Bedrooms 

If you happen to have more than one bedroom, this is an opportunity for you to have a lot of fun. It can be difficult trying to choose a single design for rooms, so multiple rooms give you the opportunity to create a different theme for each room. Floral wallpaper and velvet are trending for 2018, so perhaps consider using those as common denominators in all the rooms regardless of what themes you choose. Don’t forget to try and ensure there are no damp walls that will make the wallpaper quickly deteriorate and the walls look unattractive. If you don’t want to go for floral patterns and contrasts in your bedroom soothing colors which aren’t too bright, as well as minimalist designs that manage space well, are trending for 2018. Such designs should help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the bedrooms, which is most likely your primary objective. You can still achieve this look and do something different in each room when you choose minimalist designs. Just remember to keep it simple.

Your home, to a large extent, is a representation of you. It silently tells your interests, and little details about your personality through the colors, designs, and choices of furniture you choose. When remodeling you should try and make your home as true of representation of you as possible. You can do this by taking some of the remodeling tips mentioned above on board and personalizing them. By doing this, at the end of your remodeling venture, your house will be a home that you’re proud to say is yours.