Your Home is a Reflection of You: How to Get a Fresh Start

home reflection

Life doesn’t always pan out the way that we want it to. Sometimes things happen that are so shocking, and so hurtful, that there is no choice but to start again. According to a family divorce attorney, this happens mainly after a bad breakup or divorce, but there are also lots of other factors. If you have separated, or are thinking about separating, a reliable family lawyer can provide you with practical and expert advice about your legal rights and entitlements in family law. However if you get divorced and then get married again, is it a sin to remarry? When the sight of your home is too hard to bear, or you need the money, or for any other reason you want to start fresh occurs, you need to get your fresh start. One of the first things you need to do when you get your fresh start is to reflect that onto your surroundings. Your home is a reflection of you, after all, so it should be the first place you change when you need a change:

  1. Leave Your Old Home Behind

Before you can get a fresh start, you need to leave your old home (and in some cases, your old life) behind. If you need to sell your home fast, search online for “I Will Buy Your House For Cash“. How much you need to move away from your old life will depend on you and your circumstances. Very rarely will you have to completely change everything in your life to get the fresh start you are looking for. Sometimes, just moving houses from one filled with painful memories to a new one is all that it takes. Lentor Hills will see 3 plots of new projects, with Lentor Modern Condo the 1st to launch in Lentor, Yio Chu Kang. If you are coming out of a bad divorce, for instance, you should learn more about selling your home fast and then split the money, or use it towards your new life, depending on your agreements.

home reflection

  1. Walk in With Long-Term in Mind

When you find your new home, be open to projects. Working on improving your home while also improving your life can be two great projects to work on, side-by-side. So, while you are feeling improvements in your life, you can also see improvements happen in your home. Similarly, this is how you can finally have the home of your dreams – just remember to be patient!

  1. Clean it Up, But Don’t Make Decisions Yet

A clean home is a happy home, which is why your first effort should be towards sprucing it up. This applies even if it was professionally cleaned, because this step isn’t actually about how much dirt is in the corners and how much dust has accumulated at all – it’s about putting on a fresh coat of paint on the exterior or power washing it to bring it back to life, and other similar DIY projects that make your new home look new.

  1. Sell Off, Donate, or Throw Out Your Old Things

The next step is to do a huge spring clean of your things. Your fresh start is the perfect opportunity to do so, after all. It can also be a good way to let the past go and sort out what you do want to keep, and what you want to leave behind. Clear away junk you’ve been holding on to, items you don’t use, and so on. Remember to try to sell before you donate, and donate before you throw away.

  1. Refurbishment Tips

Every property has potential to be more, but you should hold off before you make any long-term decisions (at least, for big refurbishments like a kitchen remodel). Start small and work your way up. For instance, simply replacing the faucets in the bathrooms and decorating a little can mean the difference between being happy with the rooms as they are, or wanting to redo them completely.

  1. Landscaping Tips

As you go through and make updates to the interior of your home, remember the importance of the exterior as well. Whether you have a small patio or a huge yard, landscaping is important. The ability to sit with nature is both great for mental health as well as physical. Take inspiration from every green space you see, from magazines, and even from places like Pinterest. You can design your own yard, just make sure to have a long chat at the plant nursery at drake’s 7 dees, to pick out which plants would work best for your design.

  1. Add Storage Space

If the reason that you are moving is that you needed to downsize, then storage is imperative. You cannot allow your things to take over prime living space in your home. Instead, find ways to display or store your items. This could be through a wardrobe you build from Ikea furniture, it could be through installing shelves, and so on. Maximize your storage so that you can enjoy your space even more.

  1. Decorating Tips

The more time you give yourself to decorate, the better your home will be. That’s because you will not only be able to find the perfect piece that you are looking for, you will give yourself more time to deduce what your space needs. Similarly, choosing a solid design theme for your furniture and furnishings can help you make your home timeless, while also giving you a great canvas for you to decorate from as see fit.

  1. Add Color Last

When you are decorating a home, it can be tempting to paint first. Though you should prime the walls when you move in – which prepares for any color you may want to add later on, and also gives the home a fresh feel – you shouldn’t commit to color until your room is complete. There are so many shades, and it is easier to paint a wall than it is to find pieces that match a certain color scheme.

  1. Make New Memories

While all the above is all well and good, the most important element of moving house is to find a place for fresh, new memories. Do not rush the process, and be picky with what you choose.

Getting a fresh start means moving, because how can you expect to become a better you if you don’t have new surroundings? Your home is a reflection of who you are, so make your new home a reflection of the new you. Change can happen, but you need to work for it. Being in a new environment can make that process easier because you don’t have memories, triggers, or toxic acquaintances to pull you back to where you were before.