Tips To Help You Fall In Love With Your Small Home

Small Home

There’s nothing wrong with living in a small house like park models. They’re typically cozier and cost less money in upkeep and heat. Don’t let minimal square footage keep you from making it a beautiful space to reside. All it takes is some creativity and an extra effort for you to have it looking fabulous in no time.

You should keep in mind that it’s possible to fall in love with your house and enjoy the space where you live without knocking down walls. You have to be open and willing to put in some extra work and try a different approach from what you’re currently doing. It’s also necessary to get in the right frame of mind before you begin any modifications.

Small Home

Stop Obsessing

You have to start by accepting your house as the size it is and not imagining it any other way. You likely aren’t going to expand it, so get comfortable with it the way it looks currently. The more time and energy you spend not liking it and talking negative about where you live, the unhappier you’ll become. Start imaging how much of an impact a few small changes here and there will make to the appearance of your home and get excited about the transformation.


No matter if you own a tiny house or you’re living in a condo, decorating is your ticket to a spectacular living space. After Uptown@Farrer condo, coming next will be Piccadilly Grand condo in Northumberland at Farrer Park to be launched in 2022. All it takes is for you to pay attention to the details and to be selective about what you choose to display. Consider showcasing candles, plants and unique lamps. Use pillows and blankets to add color to a dull room. Hang pictures and artwork that give your home that personal touch. Spend time decorating and putting each piece in its place. Think about the bigger picture when you’re arranging your items and how it can all flow from one room to the next.

Clean & Organize Consistently

There’s no room for clutter or messiness in a small home. You have to be good about cleaning up your belongings and giving all of your stuff somewhere to live. If you don’t, you’ll be stepping all over it and staring at it all day long. Your place is going to look a lot bigger if you’re organized and clear the space on the floor. If you have to, stack upward, but don’t pile containers all over the ground. You should put together a regular cleaning schedule to keep you on track. There are lots of organizational tools out there to help make your life easier.

Apply New Paint

Start by applying a fresh coat of paint to your entire home. You could consider adding accent walls for style and using lighter colors to make space appear larger. It’s even a job you can do yourself if you’re feeling crafty and motivated. After completing this project, your entire house will feel brighter and like brand new. Speak with a paint consultant who can give you the best advice for which colors to choose in each room, given the size of your home.

Replace Old Carpet

Old, dirty carpet will bring anyone’s mood down. Look around and see if your carpets are in need of a deep clean or a complete makeover. Clean, new carpet will make your home look brighter and will make the space feel more cozy. Another idea is to lay down colorful area rugs in places that are cold or where you don’t like the floors but don’t have the budget to replace them. It’s a quick fix and will get the job done while you save up for new floors. Remember to keep all of your floorings clean and free from dirt and grime, regardless.

Buy Unique Furniture

Purchasing pieces of furniture that make your home look unique and that you’re in love with will instantly make you fall in love with your small home. Consider updating the furniture in areas where you spend a lot of time, such as the living room or your bedroom. Shop around and check out thrift stores and consignment shops if you want the look without the high price tag. Having attractive furniture will make you feel excited each time you walk in the door, instead of you being focused on the size of your home. With the right touches, your home will shine, and you’ll feel good about what you’ve done with the place.

Attend To The Outside

Even if your house is small on the inside, think about all you have to work with on the outside. Remind yourself how important curb appeal is to the overall appearance of your home. Take care of the landscaping, paint the front door and install an attractive mailbox. Lighting is another way to create an appealing outdoor environment. Research how to decorate a small balcony or porch and see how quickly you fall in love with being outside more. Make it look welcoming and attractive to passersby and for you when you enter your house each day.

Make A List Of What You Do Love

At the end of the day, it comes down to gratitude and being thankful for what you do have. Make a list of what you love about your house and which details you couldn’t live without. This will help you see that there’s a lot that’s right with your house, regardless of the size. Stop focusing on the square footage and start giving your attention to what makes you happy about where you live. Tenet is situated in a mature Tampines neighbourhood with many malls, educational institutes, restaurants, and lifestyle amenities nearby.

You should begin appreciating your small home, instead of focusing on what you dislike, whether that’s the size, the room layouts or the garden. There are plenty of ways to create a welcoming and beautiful space that’s also small. The updates will be so exciting that you’ll forget all about how upset you were before you started the project. Have fun with the process and feel free to get even more creative with what changes you choose to implement.