7 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor

Foundation Repair

If the property where you have been living has been built for a while and has not undergone any renovations, it is inevitable that it will need some kind of structural repair at some point in time. It is not necessary that you need a structural repair only because your building design was faulty or the materials were substandard. In fact, there could be many reasons which can damage your building’s structure such as corrosion and wear and tear due to weather conditions, water seepage etc.

One of the most complex components of structural repair works is getting your foundation repaired. Since the quality of your structure’s foundation decides the overall quality of the structure it is important to ensure that is on point in every aspect from design, to the material used, to the quality of work done. Since foundation repairs can be complicated and expensive, it is important to hire a good contractor.

Foundation Repair

Kent’s structural repair specialists will offer you many tempting proposals to get your building’s foundation repaired, but it is important that you make a calculated and educated choice to ensure that the work done is up to the mark. Here are 7 tips that will help you make an informed decision when hiring a contractor for getting your building’s foundation repaired.

  1. The Diagnosis

A good doctor will invest time and skill in diagnosing a problem and investigating the history of the problem before devising a treatment plan to counter the problem. Likewise, a good structure repair specialist will visit you on the site and will carry out an in-depth and comprehensive review to diagnose the problem. The diagnosis will involve finding the root cause of the damage and the current state and extent of the damage. He will be equipped with all the necessary tools and instruments during the diagnosis to ensure that the damage is calculated with precision and accuracy. A perfect diagnosis will not only help with addressing the problem accurately but will also save you from unnecessary costs.

  1. Method of Repair

It is important that your contractor communicates what methods of repair he will be used when carrying out the repair works. Make sure that your contractor is well versed in the building code requirements and the method that is being used is long lasting and in line with the specified standards.

  1. Price

You need to be acknowledging the fact that foundation repairs are always expensive. There will always be some contractors who will try to lure you with cheaper packages. Do not compromise on quality for the sake of saving money. Your foundation is something on which your building stands on and is a long-term investment. If you will try to make some short-term savings by hiring a sub-par contractor who lacks knowledge and craft, you might find yourself spending double the amount again in a few months time.

  1. References

References and testimonials are very important when you are hiring service providers for works such as structural repairs. It is best to hire someone who is recommended by people you know such as friends or family members. If you do not have any close references, ask for the contractor’s client portfolio and look for his customer testimonials online either on the website, his social media pages or any online directories.

  1. Communication

In order to ensure that you are making an educated decision about your foundation repair works, ask as many questions as possible. Make sure that your contractor communicates everything about what exactly is the problem with your structure and what are the possible treatment plans that can be used to address the problem. Make sure that he informs you about what materials he will be using and what method of repair will be used as part of the repair works.

  1. The Contract

When you have decided upon which contractor you will be working with, ask for a clear contract that clarifies all terms and conditions of the service. Make sure the contract specifies what problems are being fixed as part of the service, what materials will be used and what methods will be used.

The contract should also be clear about which party will be applying for the permit, how the design and landscaping will be handled and what costs will be covered and what costs will not be covered under the contract. See if your contractor is insured against liability coverage in case there is damage to property during the course of repair works or as a result of the repair work that was carried out by their team. A clear and detailed contract will save you from trouble in case there is a dispute or dissatisfaction in future.

  1. Warranties and Guarantees

A good structural repair specialist who knows his craft and is confident about what he is offering will not be afraid of offering you with clear warranties and money back guarantees. Warranties and Guarantees not on help in eliminating any kind of trust deficits but also indicates that the contractor knows his job well.