9 Benefits of Having Fly Screens in the Home

Fly Screens

Did you know that studies show that flies can carry as many as 65 diseases? When you consider that many of these diseases will make you seriously ill and some can cause death you won’t be seeing flies as just a nuisance any more.

Add to this the fact that there are 120,000 species of fly and quadrillions of them alive across the world and you’ll start to understand why you need to see a Sydney fly screen specialist.

Fly Screens

In fact, there are 9 benefits to having fly screens fitted to your home:

  1. Flies

The most obvious reason is to keep flies and their diseases outside your home. Flies can pass on disease every time they land on a surface and they leave their own waste behind at every landing spot.

It’s better to keep them out of your home altogether! Try this Natural Fly Spray.

  1. Security

Fly screens come in a huge range of materials. You can purchase ones which lock into place to give you an additional level of security. This can be extremely reassuring when you live remotely or have a large house and want to let some fresh air in.

  1. Child Safety

The fact that the screens lock into place means that you can easily add child locks to prevent your little ones from going outside or even into a room they shouldn’t be in.

This can help you to keep them away from danger and protect them. Of course, it won’t stop them trying to get through the screens, most children are naturally very curious.

  1. Privacy

Although mesh with fine holes, many of the screens are made of dark materials, this can make it very difficult for someone to look into your home. You will appreciate the additional privacy you have, allowing you to move freely round your own home.

  1. Style

You don’t need to opt for one fly screen; there are hundreds of different types on the market. You can choose the one that suits your house and your personal tastes. In the process you’ll improve the look and even potentially the value of your home.

Of course, you can always have them custom designed although this will cost a little more.

  1. Keeping Cool

Because fly screens are made from a custom Woven Wire mesh material, your fly screens will allow air free. With screens at the front and back of the house you can easily create airflow through your building, even when there is little or no wind outside.

This will help to keep your house cool in the summer, making it more comfortable and less attractive to flies.

  1. Light

Windows are great for light but having the doors open with fly screens to protect you gives you even more light in your home. It is well known that light lifts your spirits and makes you feel more positive. The fact that fly screens let extra light into your home means you’ll feel more positive in every aspect of your life.

  1. View

It is important to remember that although a fly screen gives you privacy it makes very little difference to your ability to look out and enjoy the view!

  1. Fresh Air

The final benefit is simply that the improved air flow round your home will ensure you have fresh air, your house will smell better and you’ll feel better for it.

If you haven’t already got fly screens then perhaps it’s time you started considering them.