Hypnosis: An Unconventional Remedy for IBS


Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a condition that involves abdominal pain, bloating and issues like diarrhea and constipation. While it may seem logical to some people to turn to medications to treat these issues, the reality is that the condition is difficult to treat and impossible to cure, which means that finding alternative treatment that is not focused on medications can be very appealing to those sufferers.


Medication Reduction Means Less Risk of Other Medical Issues

Attempting alternative treatment methods means less exposure of the body to medications and less risk of building tolerance or causing other medical issues. Hypnosis helps the IBS sufferer get away from the constant dependence on medication and allows for a better quality of life.

Chronic conditions typically lead to building a tolerance to pain medications, can cause ulcers and other conditions in the digestive system that are counter-productive in regard to treatment of IBS and also can lead to more life-threatening scenarios. This means that a treatment that avoids medications can be helpful to lengthen the life of the IBS sufferer and provide more reliable long-term treatment of symptoms.

Symptoms Are Reduced

Studies related to hypnosis and the treatment of IBS have shown that the individuals saw a reduction of pain and symptoms by up to 40-percent. This means a significant change for those who deal with this condition on a regular basis. These people are struggling with an illness with no cure. That means any treatment that shows such a significant drop in symptoms would be a welcome alternative to attempting to use different medications for a less notable reduction in symptoms.

Improvement is Long-Term

Another notable benefit from studies regarding hypnosis and IBS shows that the IBS sufferer gets a notable long-term benefit from the treatment. Rather than a temporary solution that ceases to be effective within months, the participants in some studies saw a continued improvement in symptoms related to IBS for a year or more after the start of the treatment. This means the therapy is safe, less dependent on medication and also effective for the long-term, a rare find in the medical world.

Relaxation Is Part of Plan

Hypnosis helps relax the body and allows for better grasp of the condition and the effects of the condition on the body. The treatment can also help the individual remain calm during the particularly difficult periods of pain and discomfort, allowing the body to handle the situation better.

Finding an Answer is Worth the Effort

Pain and discomfort due to a condition like IBS can seem to be endless and without any solution. The condition does not have a cure, but treatments can make for long-term alleviation of the pain associated with the condition.

The use of hypnosis involves interpersonal communication that is not as likely to occur with a medical professional. However, putting yourself out there can bring greater results and a long-term solution to a chronic condition. This makes the effort to connect with the hypnotist on another level worth it for the results.