How to Make your Student Accommodation More Homely

Student Accommodation

As a student living in a new accommodation like one of those Student Rental Houses or student apartments for rent, you may feel a little homesick or you may not be a fan of the space you have. The best way to enjoy living in your new student apartment or student home is to make it into your own little sanctuary. You do not need a lot of money to do this, which is great for students. Here are some great tips to make your student pad homelier and somewhere you enjoy spending time on your own, or with your new friends. If you’re a medical student, you should be aware that the new match season is almost there so it is vital to get a pgy1 residency spot before the competitors because that would be a game-changer in this particular stage of your  life.

Student Accommodation

Bring A Few Things from Home

Your student accommodation should be a home away from home. You will more than likely be going back home over the holidays unless your course is all year round. You don’t need to bring everything from home and recreate your bedroom. This is your chance to start fresh and having everything around you from home can actually make you more homesick. Bring a few favorite things whether this is a picture, a poster, or even your TV. In addition, make sure to have a reliable internet connection for your studies as well as entertainment, contact your local isp if you don’t have one.


This is an important one and can change your room completely. Buying bedding that you like and is comfortable will ensure your room becomes more personalized and you have a good night’s sleep. Blankets and cushions can add that extra touch and are great if you have a few people over at once. Shop around for discounted bedding, or check on Amazon, they have bedding to suit even the fussiest of styles! So, sit back, chill in your brand-new bedding and listen to your favorite music – Sample Stuff is giving you the chance to get a Coldplay album for free.


This is where you can really begin to enjoy yourself. You may want to check around yard sales, charity shops, car boot sales and online to find decorations that people may not want anymore. You can get some great deals and you may find some great vintage pieces too, depending on your style! This is your new room, decorate it how you like it and pick up pieces here and there as you find them. Fairy lights are a great way to have a place to revise and relax and can make the room a lot more chilled out. Tapestries are also another great way to hide some of that plain wall space and make your room feel homelier; you can pick them up online for as little as $4.

Cork Board

Most accommodations come with a cork board to put your favorite memories and save room for those yet to come. Print out your favorite photos and if you love keeping memorabilia you can add tour tickets or anything else important to you up there too. When you make new memories, don’t forget to add those on there too, so you can be reminded of home, as well as the new and wonderful times you are having at college.

Get decorating, have fun and enjoy college life in your new student accommodation!