How To Tell If You Are Being Infested By Termites?


There are as many as 300 different species of termite in Australia! They cause billions of dollars worth of damage to homes every year.

Termites can strike virtually anywhere, all they need is some cellulose-based material to eat. The wood used to build your home is a great place for them to make themselves at home. If you see any signs of termite infestation, contact a termite control company straight away before they damage your home any further.

Unfortunately once they start eating they can relatively quickly decimate the wood in your home causing structural issues. Before you purchase a home and at regular intervals when owning a home, you should look for the visible signs of termites and use a professional firm like to check the areas you can’t reach. A termite control company can also advise you on the best treatment methods for your termite infestation.



Termites have wings, the front set and the rear set are all the same size, this is one of the differentiating factors between termites and flying ants.

A termite will leave its nest to create a new one. They generally do this on mass but will only fly a short distance. As soon as they land they will twist their wings off as they have no further need for them!

If you find a collection of small wings near your door or window then you have an established colony close by and new colonies potentially appearing. The wings should all be the same size approximately, this indicates termites.

Holes In The Mud

If you look at where the soil joins your home you light see a collection of tiny holes. Each one should be about the same size as a pencil. These are made by termites.

The reason they make these is to ensure that cool, dry air cannot enter the spaces they are living in. The tunnels draw the air away allowing their nest to remain moist and warm; perfect for them to thrive in.

The mud holes will help to give you an indication of where they are currently living.

You can check if you have found termite tubes by removing a section of the tube, not the end piece. You’ll either see termites or the tunnel will be repaired within a couple of days.

Your Wood

Take a look at any exposed wood in your home and any that you can get too easily. Termites eat the wood and you’ll see long grooves or hoes where they have been moving in and along the wood.

It can be difficult to check all the wood in your home which is where a professional can be of great assistance. They will have cameras and other equipment to check your home without disturbing your interior decoration.

Its important to note that even if you don’t find any trace of the termites this does not mean they are not there. It is safest to treat most likely areas for them to strike and regularly check, with professional help.

The small cost of a termite control professional visit is negligible compared to the damage they can cause.