Great Ideas to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Saving energy is one of the most important things homeowners are concerned about at the moment. It isn’t just because they want to save money on their energy bills, but they are also concerned by the resources running out and the environmental impact that will have. For those reasons, many companies have been trying to create new ways to generate energy and conserve what we already have. If you are looking to save energy in your home, here are some clever ideas that you can use to help you.

Energy Efficient


One of the best ways to conserve the energy you use in your home is to make sure you don’t lose the heat you already have. To do that, you need to make sure that your loft and your walls are insulated. In older houses, this may not always have been done, or if it was, then it will need replacing. You can sometimes tell those houses without adequate loft insulation because in cold weather the frost or snow melts on their roof as the heat escapes. If you are going to replace old insulation, you need to be careful of any fibers as some older materials used fiberglass which can irritate the lungs if inhaled. Insulating the walls is something that has become more popular in recent years. It involves drilling holes into the cavity between the inside and outside walls and filling the gap with insulation material. Doing this can drastically cut the heat lost from your walls and prevent the cold from permeating through from the outside.

Doors and Windows

The other area where heat can escape is from the windows and doors. For older houses, you might only have single pane glazing which is highly inefficient. Apart from considering switching to double or triple glazing, you can also think about any drafts that may be coming in through gaps in the windows. It is a good idea to seal around all of your windows with a good quality sealer or plaster, and you can hire prefessional contractors to do the plaster repair for you. With the doors, it is a little more difficult as you need to be able to open and close them, so they cannot be sealed in the same way as windows. You can buy draft proofing strips that you can attach to the gaps in the door and the frame. It will prevent any cold air from getting into the house and also prevent warm air escaping. For internal doors, you can also use insulating strips around the gaps in the door and also for the bottom. Alternatively, for the bottom of the door, you can buy a draft proof snake that is made from material and sits against the door when closed.


An effective and easy way to save energy is to regulate your thermostat; you need to ensure that it is working at the right time for you. What you don’t want is the thermostat to be left on constant as this will just waste energy when you’re not in the house. The best thing to do is have it come on about one hour before you get up in the morning and then turn off when you leave for work. You can then have it come back on in the evening when you get home and turn off before bedtime. There are now newer thermostats that are smart, that means they can be controlled by an app on your phone or by a home hub like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. It gives you amazing control over your heating, meaning you can turn it on early if you get home sooner than you planned.

Using Geothermal Technology

One of the ways that you can start to generate your own energy is by using geothermal energy. The technology has been refined over the years so that it is highly efficient at heating water for your home. The idea behind it is that pipes run from your home under the soil in your garden and then return to the house. Along the way, the water traveling through the pipes is warmed by the soil around it and returns ready to be used for baths or showers. Although it needs a bit of work to install, it can save a lot of money on energy costs.

Installing Solar Panels

Another effective way to make your own energy is to have solar panels fitted. These panels are covered with special plates that convert the suns energy into electricity. They are efficient and easy to use after they are installed. You might want to check out Kaizen Technology, they offer Electronic Assembly services. Most people have the panels attached to their roof, although you can have them on a platform in the garden. Companies such as Sun2U will come and survey the house and roof to see what will be suitable for you. The added benefit of using solar energy is that some energy companies allow you to sell your unused energy to them. It means you are not just saving money on your own energy, but you’re also making money.

Replace Your Bulbs

If you are still using the older bulbs in your home, then changing them to a more efficient variety will save you a lot of energy. There are two main types that you can use; one is the mini fluorescent type that has been around for a few years, the other is low energy LED type. Both are highly efficient and will last for many years compared to the older bulbs. The only drawback used to be that you were unable to use dimmer switches with them.

However, the led performance is now dimmable. You can get the newer bulbs in the same sizes as, the older types, so there is no need to use the older types of bulb still.

There are many ways to save energy in your home and start to generate your own as well. Many of the ideas are easy to do and don’t cost that much to install.