How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Home Ready for Summer

When summer approaches, there are a lot of things that you need to do. You need to put away all those winter clothes and get out the summer shirts, and you need to get your car ready for the sun and heat. However, there are also other things you need to do, such as getting your home ready for the warmer months ahead. Here are some tips for making your house ready for the rising temperatures.

Home Ready for Summer

Clearing the Drains and the Gutters

One of the things you can sometimes get in the summer is rain. If you manage to get a lot of rain, then you are going to be dealing with a lot of water through your drains and gutters. What you don’t need is to have the problem of a blocked drain or gutter during the hot and humid weather, so it is important that you do some routine maintenance. Clean all your gutters of any debris that has collected over the winter and check them for any damage. If you do see any problems, then it is important you replace it as soon as possible. Your drains might be a little more difficult to check yourself, so try and get a french drain hull company to come in and see how the drains are. They need to remove any blockages that may be in there and check the integrity of the drains. Sometimes tree roots or the sides of the drain can collapse over time.

Boiler Checks

If you have been using your boiler over the winter a lot, then you need to make sure it is in working order before the summer starts. With so much use over the winter, you can get wear and tear, so you need to get it checked and serviced to prevent that from happening. You should always use a qualified engineer to check and service your boiler as this maintains the safety. It is also a good idea to check the pipes that go to the radiators so that you can identify any damage and to know if you need a boiler repair.

Air Conditioning

Everyone loves to turn to their air conditioning when the warm, sunny months hit, so now is the time to get it ready for the hot weather. Your air conditioning unit needs to be filled and checked, especially as the units are normally outside. It is also a good time to have air conditioning repair done before you need to use it. Make sure you employ a professional residential electrician if there are issues, as these are tricky, mechanical jobs which require expert knowledge. If you have an old unit, you may need to consider getting a new air conditioning installation like an ac installation available in Milcreek, UT with improved energy-efficiency. 

Check the Outside of Your Home

The outside of your home has to deal with the brunt of the winter weather, so it is a sensible idea to make sure it can deal with whatever happens in the upcoming months. Take a look around the outside of the house and see if you can see anything that needs repairing. If you have a house that has wood boarding on the outside, then check for any bowing of the boards or any obvious cracks in the wood. These boards will need to be replaced to prevent water getting in behind the boards. You should also consider repainting the outside of the house if it hasn’t been painted for a few years. The paint offers a level of protection to the wood which decreases over time.


Summer is the ideal time for checking your insulation ready for when the cold months come back around. The insulation in your attic and walls are designed to prevent heat escaping from your home and keeping the cold weather out. It can become less effective after a few years, so it is a good idea to check it regularly, and what better time than when the weather is fine outside? If it looks like it needs to be replaced with better insulation materials, then you should use a professionally qualified company to do this for you. The dust that this insulation contains can be irritating to the skin and lungs if you don’t use safety protection.

Checking Your Roof

Another big part of the protection of your home is the roof. Over the stormy winter, it can become damaged by debris or strong winds, so you need to make sure there are no missing or damaged tiles. If you do have any damage, then you need to speak to this company to see if they can make repairs. You should also look in the attic to see if there is any damage. You may need to hire a residential roofing contractor to have your roof fixed as soon as possible before it causes any further problems.

Deal with Trees Close to the House

Many accidents that occur to houses in any stormy weather is because of falling tree damage. Strong winds can cause branches to hit the house or break off and fall, whether it’s a winter storm or a summer shower. To prevent this, you need to get an arborist to do a tree diagnosis at any trees close to your home that might cause an issue. Doing so in summer means they can work outside longer, and they can then provide you tree removal service that you need so that these trees cannot damage your house.

Hire a Chimney Sweep

If you use a wood burning fire, then you will have a chimney. Residential chimney cleaning must be done at least once a year, and you should hire a chimney sweep preferably at the beginning of the summer after it has been used in winter. You should have a cover on the chimney to stop debris or birds getting in, however, if you don’t then have one fitted as a wise precaution. Along with the chimney, you should also make sure you have stored your wood correctly as you might not need it in the summer.

Don’t Rake Your Leaves

You might think that raking your leaves is something you should do, however, there is a good reason why you shouldn’t. If there are any left on the grass after the winter, mow over them during the first cut of the season. It will shred and mulch the leaves into the grass and provide good fertilizer for the summer. For the same reason, you shouldn’t collect your grass cuttings either. Doing this will also help to protect your grass from the sun and stop the grass from drying out.

Preparing your house and garden for the heat and humidity of summer is essential if you are to prevent any issues. Repairing problems now is much easier than having to do it later in the year, and it will also prevent any other damage from occurring.