Why tidying up is good for you

tidying up

All too often our possessions end up in charge of our lives, and it can be tricky to find the motivation to have a clear out and a thorough spring clean. For some people, the mere mention of having a good tidy up can cause them to have heart palpitations and a swift retreat to a safe space but don’t panic too much! Having a cluttered or messy home is often guilt-inducing, which in turn makes it even harder to make that decision to start a cleaning binge. However, once you realize that your home environment is incredibly important for your physical and mental health, you might just find the energy levels needed to get off the sofa and have a satisfying tidy.

tidying up

Effective Exercise!

Open the windows and let some fresh air circulate as you give your home a bit of freshening up.  It might not feel as physically exhausting as going to the gym, but the mere act of moving around and concentrating on physical tasks is extremely beneficial, and everyone knows that trying to put on a clean quilt cover burns as many calories as a brisk 10 minutes on the treadmill. As you unload yet another load from the washing machine or give the windows a good clean, you could even consider making your tidying up routine a full-on exercise regime. Even just taking ten minutes to potter about and wiping down the kitchen sides or giving the oven a bit of a cleanout can all involve beneficial activity that you won’t get while watching the TV.

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You’ll notice an increase in productivity

When everything’s in its place, you’ll find that activities take considerably less time and effort. Instead of rummaging around for that kitchen utensil or having to go through every letter you’ve received in the last six months to find a bill, can all be accomplished much faster if you’re a little bit organized. So maybe it’s time to get your kitchen back to normal after a busy weekend, but you don’t know where to start? Get yourself a handy Kitchen Cleaning Checklist, and you’ll not only reduce stress, but you’ll also make your home healthier, meaning that you can absolutely justify the time you spend not tidying up later in the day.

It can make you happy

The truth is that having a look at your tidy home can simply make you happier. You don’t need to develop any obsessional habits, but having a home that is clean and tidy makes walking through the front door considerably more satisfying and relaxing. Not having to clean plates as you need them or hunt for things that you could have sworn had fallen down the back of the couch can reduce your stress levels and put a smile on your face. For optimum happy conditions when tidying, put on your favorite album and dance as you clean, or listen to that audiobook you’re been putting off, and your house will soon be as uncluttered as your mind.