5 Careers You’ll Actually Enjoy


Work is the majority of life. Once you’re out of school, your first goal is to land one of the full time jobs you’ve been preparing for. Then, the majority of your time is devoted to that job. Money buys a place to live, food, vacations, and many other things that make life enjoyable. To enjoy the evenings and weekends, you have to put in hours at a job. All those hours, over all those years, seem like a bleak prospect, however… unless you enjoy the job you do.  If you’re passionate towards computers or technology, you should learn more about Choosing Your Tech Career.

Ultimately, your goal may be to make money. Or, it may be to have fun. For most people, the perfect job falls somewhere in between the two. Your perfect career should combine a good income and something you’re passionate about. To get a career advantage against other job seekers, you can check out CALC Institute of Technology to know how. Here are five careers you’ll actually enjoy, depending on your passion.


Work with Cars

If you’ve got a passion for engines, a career working with cars might be for you. You can obtain the necessary certification at places like the ASE Automotive Certification in Jamaica, NY in a short time. Mechanics are always in high demand, so a career as a mechanic will never leave you unemployed. You can work for a company, open your own repair shop, or be the on-site mechanic for landscaping companies and more. Working with cars gives you interaction with engines and flexibility.

Work with Animals

If you love big soulful brown eyes, lots of fur, and the loyalty of pets, a career working with animals might be for you. If you want your future days to be filled with furry interaction, then you have a host of animal-related career opportunities. You could be a pet-breeder, a sheep or cattle farmer, an agricultural specialist who operates agricultural equipment, a pet groomer, or a vet. If you plan on pushing through with your animal-related career with farm animals, such as cattle, sheep, and horses, feel free to check out this website to get the equipment and the products you need. If you’d rather work with animals than with people, an animal-focused career might be perfect for you.

Work with Food

Most of us like food. You may, on the other hand, adore it. If food is the spice of your life, consider a career in it. A passion for food could lead you to open your own bakery, become a sous chef, write cookbooks, or even become a food critic. If working in a kitchen sounds like flipping burgers to you, consider cooking for an upscale restaurant. Once you’ve seen a day in the life of a cook, you might realize it’s what you want to do.

Work with Art

Most people try to get art out of their system by the time they need a “real” job. The phrase “starving artist” wasn’t coined for nothing, but a career in the arts doesn’t have to mean zero money. If you love the visual arts, consider being an art teacher, a graphic designer, an art therapist, and more. There are practical, well-paying jobs that still allow you to interact with art.

Work with People

If you love people, making connections, and keeping people’s spirits up, you’ll have no shortage of job opportunities. There are hundreds of careers that allow you to work with people and improve their lives. If you want to work with at-risk children, consider a career in social work. If you want to work with the mentally ill, think about a career as a therapist. CNAs, Nurses, physical therapists, and doctors all work with people in a medical environment, working to make their lives better. If you’re into cosmetology, you can also make a career out of it while interacting with different people everyday. You may enroll in a cosmetology program to better equip you with the right knowledge and skills to do the job. No matter what career you choose, innovative academic programs make it easier than ever to learn, so you can easily obtain a career that’s right for you.