Four Ways To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

Home A Summer Makeover

Unless you are a home design guru, doing work around your house can seem like a bit of a chore. Maybe you’ve spent the winter thinking there are things that need to be fixed or improved around your property, but you’ve not had the motivation to get up and do them. Well, with the darker, damper winter days transitioning into longer, summer days, then maybe now is the time to get your maintenance kit out of the garage and get to work! Here are four ways you can give your home a summer makeover.

Home A Summer Makeover


First impressions count

When was the last time you stood on the sidewalk and took a look at your home from the outside? Chances are it was a long time ago. Doing this can help you work out what needs changing. What do you think of its appearance? Is there paintwork that needs a refresh? Are there window frames which are no longer fit for purpose? Is the roof falling apart?

The summer months are an ideal time to get to work on jobs that need doing on the exterior of your home. Be careful though, you don’t want to be climbing up ladders and across the roof, if you don’t know what you’re doing and you haven’t taken safety precautions. If in doubt, get some experts in to help you.


Get in the yard

The long, sunny days are perfect for you to get out in your yard – if you have one – and show it some love. Maybe, you have areas that have become overgrown during the winter, or the grass is in need of some tender loving care. And how about your plants and flowers? Could they do with a human touch to get them looking their best?

If you have a terrace or decking, you may want to also give that some attention. If you have some power cleaning equipment, pull it out of the garage and blast all the dirt away! It will make your outside area much more inviting for you, your family and any guests.


Refreshing the inside

Stepping inside your home, have a look around at the paintwork – are there some rooms and walls that could do with a fresh coating to bring them back to life? The summer is a perfect opportunity to do some painting, as it allows you to open up all your windows and doors to ventilate your home and get things drying quickly.

And you won’t just want to focus on the walls of your property. How’s everything else looking? What’s beneath your feet? Do you need some new flooring? If so, check out empire flooring for some inspiration.


Summer clean

You’ll struggle to find many people who say they love cleaning. But, this summer, why not make a point of giving your home a thorough cleansing. Maybe the carpets could have a good wash? Or your kitchen and bathroom may need some attention, getting them gleaming again, how they once did? Get the whole family involved. After all, you will all feel better when the hard work is done.