Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

Family Reunion

Want to meet up with all your relatives? If it’s been a long time since you’ve seen your cousins, aunts, and uncles, or if you’ve been doing some ancestry research such as your family’s last name meanings and you want to meet all the people you’ve never met–then a family reunion is the perfect chance to connect. Big family reunions can be exciting and full of endless get-to-know-yous. Smaller reunions can be just as good, and full of catching up. The designers at Pincious are ready to turn your ideas into a highly sought after custom enamel pins for your whole family members, order yours now! Whatever you goal in planning a family reunion, you want the whole affair to turn out right. Without further ado, here are our tips for planning a family reunion.

Save the Date

The bigger your reunion, the more time it will take to plan. You should pick a date and alert potential guests as soon as possible. Ideally, your date will be at least twelve months in advance, since larger family reunions require a lot of travel. Pick an event venue as soon as possible, as well. If you live in Australia, for instance (or just want to host the reunion somewhere fantastic) you can search for function rooms for rent in Australia. See what’s near you. Chances are, there’s an amazing local (or exotic) venue just waiting for you–but you need to grab it ahead of time!


As you plan, get volunteers from all over the family to take over certain tasks. Have someone take care of finances, someone else take care of entertainment, etc. Someone should be in charge of food, so whether it’s catering, potluck, or drinks from the liquor outlet of Woodbridge, NJ, you can keep everyone happy and properly taken care of.

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Keep Everyone Entertained

If you’re planning for a large group, then you need to be ready for a diverse group of interests. Kids of all ages will be coming. Young singles, couples with kids, couples without kids, and older singles will all need to mix and find something enjoyable to do. (Not necessarily all at once.) Try to pick a venue that’s near family-friendly activities as well as activities adults can enjoy. The trick is to get everyone mingling together, so brainstorm entertainment and activity ideas.

Break the Ice

Among family members who know each other, there may be some unresolved tensions. Among family members who have never met, there can be a lot of awkwardness! To get everyone chatting, bonding, and interacting, plan ahead. Before the big day arrives, come up with some good ice breakers for the entire group. Have a simple, interactive task at every table, or a task that gets passed around the room. Family members can write down their ancestry, or a quick “What have I been Doing?” Something to do will help everyone relax. You can also play Team Murder Mystery Game with the family and have fun.

Your family reunion is the perfect opportunity to connect. Whether you want to catch up with your cousin, or meet the distant relative you never knew, your family reunion is a time to celebrate family, appreciate your ancestry, and hear some of the many stories that belong in your family narrative. Ultimately, the relationships and the stories will be what you remember the most, so plan well, and get ready to enjoy your family reunion.