Top Home Maintenance Things You Should Do Before Summer

Home Maintenance

Summer is the perfect time to have family and friends over for alfresco dining and occasions in the home but if your property is looking a little tired after the winter months; it may be time for a spruce up. There are several things around the home that you could do to make small yet impressive changes to get everything looking at its best. Both internal and external areas need to be considered, as the harsh winter weather may have caused some issues over the past few months that need to be rectified. In these cases, you might need to call in a professional to lend a helping hand, but there are also plenty of things you can do yourself too, to get everything looking great on a budget.

Home Maintenance

Check out some of the things to look out for before summer arrives.

Check the roof

Ideally, before and after bad weather starts to kick in, your roof should be checked by a roofing contractor for damage and leaks. Just doing some small checks can help to prevent a host of significant issues inside and outside your property. Dependent on your roof design, it may be necessary to clean it to ensure water doesn’t collect in specific areas such as flat spots. It is also essential to check tiles are not cracked or missing, as this can lead to water damage inside your home. By using a Roof Spray Polyurethane Foam, you can seal off the roof leaks you may have noticed during the spring. If you need professional roofing assistance on making sure everything is in excellent condition, getting the help of a contractor like Concord Roofing & Construction will ensure any issues are resolved quickly, and you have extra peace of mind.

Air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance should always be on top of your home maintenance list every summer. There’s nothing worse than getting to the summer months and discovering you need to service your air conditioning. Worse still, if you realize there are issues with it during the hottest time of the year. Before you get to this stage, making sure your air conditioning unit is working and serviced will ensure you have that much-needed cool temperature during some of the hottest days of the year. Ensuring it is well maintained through regular air conditioning repair service is also important for helping to keep bills down and your system more energy-efficient in the long-term. Of course, servicing your air conditioning and getting an air conditioning repair from an expert at AC Repair Centerville TX is also a major safety feature, and this annual check-up will ensure fans and components are clean and not presenting a fire hazard. It could also be part of your property insurance to keep up regularly checks, so be sure to check details in case it voids your policy.

Clean gutters and drains

After wet and miserable months, there can sometimes be a lot of debris and dirt clogging up drains and gutters around your property. This mess could lead to drains backing up and water building up in areas around the home. This water builds up in extreme cases could lead to water damage in your home so ensuring everything is clear will prevent this from happening. It is advisable to check at least twice a year to see if they need clearing out, as in fall, leaves will be falling from the trees and during spring, blossom and seeds are falling from flowers. If you’ve had a particularly bad spell of weather such as torrential rainfall or snow, this could also lead to dirt and debris being blown onto your home. The dirt from this precipitation could lead to dirt being washed more frequently into gutters or drains and clogging them faster.


Wash the exterior and pathways

During the winter months, you probably have not stepped into the garden or exterior areas much. Not using these areas could lead to moss or dirt making pathways slippery and potentially dangerous when using during the spring and summer months. The exterior and fascia’s of your home might also be looking a little tired and grubby after winter too, so grabbing a pressure washer and blasting this off will bring your property back to life. Concrete Pressure Washing the pathways and drive is also a good idea before you start to use these areas more and it also keeps them safe for kids and visitors to your home. Of course, before you start blasting anything, be sure to cover areas you don’t want to be damaged and particularly any outside electric outlets you have on your exterior.

Maintaining your pool

Summer is the perfect time to make use of the pool so keeping it in top order with the help of a Non Structural Swimming Pool Service company is highly recommended. If you haven’t used the pool area in a few months, clearing it up and leveling the water is a good place to start. Regular pool cleaning, servicing of the pumps and balancing chemicals will ensure it is safe to use and this should be started a few weeks before you intend on using it.

Getting a professional in to clean and maintain the pool is a good idea to ensure it is safe for everyone to use each year and ensuring you have a cover when you are not using it, will help to keep out debris and leaves to reduce cleaning time.

If you’ve had your pool for some time, why not consider updating the pump to a more energy-efficient option, as this will help to reduce your bills in the long term. Before using the pool, also consider the area surrounding it and clear any dirt or moss from the poolside to increase safety. This not only helps to make the surface less slippery, but it also reduces the amount of dirt transferred into the pool from the soles of feet.

Safety can also be a major concern especially when there are little children running around the pool. Drowning is a significant cause of death in children. so it’s advisable to install a swimming pool fence. As a homeowner, you should know the importance of a pool fence in preventing such catastrophes from happening in your own pool.

To get the maximum enjoyment from your home during the warmer months, getting the house prepared for it provides a great start to the season. With these small but significant steps, you can have your home looking fantastic for visitors and summer occasions plus it helps to keep on top of essential maintenance to prevent the risk of more significant issues. If you feel confident, this maintenance can be done by you but if you need a helping hand, be sure to get the professionals in.