A Guide to Refurbishing Your Bathroom to Be More Accessible

Refurbishing Your Bathroom

When you are at home, you want to be able to relax and unwind after a long day at work and feel happy and safe. However, living in a home which restricts how happy you can truly be will not help. It means that if you have a disability and you struggle to get up the stairs of your house, or you can’t fully relax in the bedroom or bathroom, your quality of life will be reduced. This can make life hard for most people with any kind of disability, that’s why it is important to seek benefits with the help of a disability attorney.Most people look at the bathroom as the last place in their house that must be refurbished, but if you use a wheelchair or your mobility isn’t perfect, this is the room where you should focus your attention first. Renovating your bathroom or doing bathroom remodeling may sound like a scary, time-consuming task, but it’s crucial to feel safe in your own home.

Refurbishing Your Bathroom

Value Comfort Over Style

Bathrooms are rooms that need to be comfortable for all ages and abilities, and although you may want it to look great, there is no point in that if nobody can use it. Luckily, there are ways you can create a stylish bathroom that will suit everyone in the family. Companies like Bathing Solutions have a range of options to create the ideal accessible bathroom, while still helping to provide you with a sleek look. The cost of the renovation may be steep, but by there is the Disabled Facilities Grant you can apply for to help fund the necessary changes.

Choose Fittings Wisely

Usually, bathrooms are the smallest room in any home, which means you may be struggling to make it feel spacious and inviting. This feeling shouldn’t come at the cost of your vital fixtures, however. When transforming a bathroom into the ideal environment for a disabled family member, it’s more important than ever to truly take your time to choose the fixtures wisely. For example, you could consider completely changing the current bathroom into a wet room. A wet room is suitable for any size of bathroom, and it means there’s no tray to step over to get into the shower, which is perfect for someone who uses a wheelchair or has less mobility. The downside to a wet room is that you replace a tub with a large shower, so if other family members enjoy relaxing in the bath, it may not be the best option to keep all happy.

Decor Inspiration: The Spa

The bathroom needs to be somewhere you can relax, wash away the cares of the day and get ready for a brand new day. Not only does it need to be accessible and safe for all to use, but it must be somewhere you can feel at peace and forget your troubles. The tranquility of a spa setting makes great inspiration because you can bring everything we associate with luxury into your home. What is so great about doing this is that it is relatively cheap and easy to accomplish. For example, making your bright towels fluffy and thick, making your own scented aromatherapy candles to enjoy while you are bathing, and some people even go one step further to make their bathwater bubble.