How To Make Your Home Look More Unique 

Unique home

Your home doesn’t have to be dull and plain any longer. The power to change it is in your hands and all you have to do is educate yourself a bit on what you need to know to turn it up a notch in your house. 

Remember that unique doesn’t mean whacky and crazy in this sense. It’s more about transforming your space into an elegant and classy look by using your own personal touches and creative ways. There’s no reason to do what everyone else is doing when you have the ability to showcase what you love most by way of expressing yourself through your home design and décor.

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Unique home


Hiring a painter for a new paint job is a budget-friendly and practical way to transform any space in your home. You can do just about anything with a fresh bucket of paint and a paintbrush. Spruce up your walls and trim by picking out hues that are bold, stylish and tasteful all at the same time. Also, consider adding murals, stripes or accent walls in your various rooms to make them look more unique.

Paint is a great DIY project if you’re feeling crafty and in the mood to make each of your rooms stand out and appear fabulous. Be choosy about what colors you go with because keep in mind that paint has the ability to alter your mood and make smaller rooms look bigger.


One area where you can truly make your home look more unique and put together at the same time is with your furniture. Check out pieces from English Georgian America that will instantly glam up your space and cause you to wonder why you didn’t make these changes sooner. There are all sorts of colors, fabrics, and styles for you to choose from, so it’s guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed as you scan all that’s available to you. Go room by room in your home and think about which pieces can be tossed or donated and where your new items might fit best.


You don’t have to go with the standard cream carpet and hardwood floors in your home. There are a lot of other options out there for you to try. You can choose to incorporate additional materials and designs to truly make your home look more unique. The most important aspect is that you know how to care for whatever type of floors you end up installing so they continue to look nice and brand new. Mix it up and use a wide variety of flooring selections according to each room or space in your home. In addition to the flooring on the interior, consider distinctive driveways or walkways outdoors too.


Your décor is where you can certainly make a statement if you’d like and have your home looking more unique almost instantly. There is an array of bold statement pieces on the market for you to choose from. Let your decorating reflect who you are as a person and your interests and styles. Think about displaying items that you’ve collected from various trips you’ve taken or hang a gallery wall of your favorite art or family pictures. Don’t be afraid to branch out and find antique or specialty pieces that no one else will have in their homes. Use your décor as conversation starters for when people come over and visit and want to admire all of your hard work.

Creative Storage

Make cleanliness a priority and your home will automatically turn more unique. Your best bet at having this become a reality is to start decluttering. Have all of your belongings organized and stored properly so that you can walk with no problems and are always ready for any unexpected guests. Use creative storage solutions for in the kitchen, closets, and basement to help you get your items in order. You can buy all sorts of various bins, dividers and even furniture pieces that will make this job easier for you. Be good about labeling it all so you can find whatever it is you’re looking for quickly at a later date.


Make your home look more unique by installing eye-catching and attractive lighting designs. Use a mix of solutions such as recessed lighting, main focal point fixtures and dimmer switches to help set the mood. Each room should have its own set of lighting solutions that are appropriate for the area depending on how much natural light you’re working with and the purpose of the space. Use lamps and candles as additional light sources that will also help make the room appear cozier. Lighting is a fun project with a lot of different possibilities, so make sure you do your homework prior to installation.

Bonus Room

The best part about a bonus room is that it’s an extra space that can be used for anything you want. There are no limitations when working with a blank space and your creative brain. Consider making a den, playroom or entertainment center out of it. The decision is yours based on your lifestyle and personal needs. Your bonus room is yours to decorate and use as you prefer and a true opportunity to create a unique room that no one else has in their home. It’s a good idea to think about if the room can also be used as an extra bedroom or sleeping space for when you have guests stay the night.


Making your home look more unique is doable if you’re prepared to put forth an extra effort. There’s no telling what you can do when you put your mind to it and perform some additional planning and preparing ahead of time. Ultimately, it’s your space, and the decision to create dramatic changes or not is in your hands. It’s likely if you go for it you won’t be disappointed and you’ll enjoy having a property you can call your own and that doesn’t look like every other cookie cutter house out there.