Roofing Materials life expectancy


Thinking about changing the roofing of your home? How about a residential roofing installation? Invest smartly to keep out of harm’s way and have a durable and long-life roofing. In other words, buying durable roofing materials may cost you more, but they last for long, hence give you peace of mind.

According to the Roofing Companies Near Me the longest-lasting roofing materials are characteristically very durable, such as concrete, clay or slate tiles, and therefore beat other natural materials like wood shingles and shakes. Factory-made roofing materials like asphalt shingles, metal roofing, etc. have a good life expectancy but they are not as durable. Roof installation Southgate Michigan provides necessary information regarding the life expectancy of roofing materials.

Roofing materials can be rated on different scales such as cost, resale value, aesthetics etc. But if you are looking for a material with longer life expectancy, we suggest the following ones, from high to low life expectancy.


Slate roofing:

With a lifespan of 100+ years, slate roofing has the longest. It consists of real stone which is laid down on the roof and is bonded to hold these heavy stones together. According to the Edmonton roofing company, any broken slate tile can be replaced instantly. Its drawback is its weight. The Slates are thick and weigh around 1,500 pounds per square (a 10×10 ft. area), and each extra 1/8-inch thickness rises the weight by 500 pounds per square.

Clay roofing:

With a life expectancy of 100 years, these clay tile roofing last very long. Main reason of its durability is its non-decaying characteristic. Do not walk on this roofing as they can crack or break. Buff them clean and dry them with towel. A coat of clear primer helps them last long as well. Broken tile can be replaced instantly.

Wood shake roof:

This roofing has a lifespan of 35 to 40 years. Wood shingles are thinner than shakes, so naturally the shakes can resist the weather longer than shingles. Shakes lasts around 25 years and they need much maintenance as well. You need to remove debris, clean moss and replace the cracked shakes instantly to prevent severe wind damage.

Metal Roof

Metal roofing lasts between 30 to 50 years which makes it ideal for both residential and commercial roofing systems. It is popular because it can be painted in a variety of colors. Strength of metal is a plus point itself. Regularly check your metal roof for distressed, bent, or drifting panels. You may get in touch with a metal distributor for your metal construction supplies and roofing materials.

Wood shingles:

With a life expectancy of 25 years, it can last even longer under moderate weather conditions. Wooden shingles are thinner than wood shakes. According to Maryland roofing contractors, it needs care as it can decay, but if taken care properly and the cracked and split shingles are replaced immediately, these can last longer. Take care of the moss growth for longer life expectancy

Composite shingles:

They have a lifespan of 15 to 50 years, are cheaper in price, easy to install thus popular as well. Shingles made of cheap composite material start to shed their grains in the first year, so be careful regarding the material used in these shingles as the cheap one may wear off in no time. Control moss growth and do not power wash.

Asphalt roll roofing:

Also known as Mineral surfaced roll roofing, or MSR, is available in rolls of 100 square feet. It is easily available. This roofing lasts from 5 to 20 years. Keep it clean from debris to keep it in shape. Nothing much can be done to extend its life expectancy. Experts like Roof Replacement Services | Clark Roofing & Siding can guide you with the different materials you need.