Time for a Home Makeover?

Home Makeover

However nice your home may look, and whatever you’ve put into it, sometimes you want a complete change. Whereas once you’ve styled your home the way you want it, it’s then a process of adding the odd piece or decorating a single room, and on occasions, you might find yourself yearning for a radical rethink of your décor.

It might be because something has happened in your life like a change of job or a relationship break-up and want your ex back, or it could just be that you’re bored and want something different. If you’ve been contemplating a review of your interior design, before you rush off to get wallpaper and paint, make a plan so you get the results you want.

Home Makeover

What do you want to achieve?

If you’re tired of having too many possessions and want to clear the decks a bit, you’re in a great position to go minimalist. A good declutter, clear out and re-organization will be therapeutic if you’re in a slump. Paint the walls white or off-white, and you have a blank canvas on which to set up a whole new interior. If you are already a minimalist, perhaps you want to inject some color and coziness back into your surroundings, which again will be relatively straightforward to achieve because you’ll already have a blank canvas on which to build.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, but are just itching for a change, there are plenty of sources of inspiration on the Internet. You’ll find all sorts of possible styles to choose from both here and elsewhere on the Web. Take some time to look at lots of alternatives, because a complete makeover like this will be quite an upheaval. You need to be sure what look you wish to end up with, because getting halfway through the decorating and discovering you don’t like what you’ve done so far is going to be a waste of both your time and your money.

Financing your makeover

If you have savings or an investment you could cash in, these are the first sources of finance you’ll probably consider. You can approach the budget in one of two ways, either work out how much you have to spend and fit your design to within this figure or work out how much you’d need to achieve the look you want and then work out where you’re going to get the cash.

If you’re stable financially and just need an injection of capital, then you can get a free debt help or a home improvement type loan could be an affordable solution if you don’t have quite the pot you need. If you only need a small amount, then an interest-free purchase credit card could work out cheaper if you are sure you can make the repayments. If you have any worries about being able to get credit, perhaps because you’ve had a few issues in the past or you simply haven’t built up enough credit history, then ask for advice from a financial services broker who can point you towards sensible options such as those available from Bonsai who specialize in credito para negativado.

The wisdom of borrowing for this kind of project

It could be argued that spending money you don’t have on a non-essential expense like a makeover isn’t the wisest move financially, and obviously you don’t want to run into repayment difficulties down the road. However, if you’re in a rut, or need a change because of a stressful life experience like bereavement or divorce, then a makeover can be of great benefit.

For one thing, it provides a focus during a difficult time in your life, giving you something to get your teeth into and keep you occupied. For another, the process of redecorating the whole home and seeing the transformation can be a real mood lifting experience, which could prove invaluable to help stop you from being maudlin. However, most importantly, spending money on your house means you’re improving your house’s market value.

Planning for your makeover

Once you’ve sorted out your budget and checked on whether you can borrow what you need at reasonable rates, you need to draw up a schedule for how the makeover will be carried out. If you’re doing one room, all you need to worry about is moving everything in it into a different room while the work is being carried out. But with a whole house redecoration, you have to work out the steps to follow to ensure it all runs smoothly. For a professional help of home improvement services, check here.

For example, you want to lay some hardwood flooring in the bedroom, so you plan to move everything out of the bedroom into the spare room. The problem is, the spare room is the one you use as your hobbies room and it’s full of all your materials and projects.

What you need to look at is whether it would, perhaps, be better to tackle the spare room first, before the main bedroom, so you can get everything organized in the space and make room for the temporary storage of your bedroom furniture. Or would it be better to do the garage conversion you were thinking about, so you can move your hobbies room out there and turn the spare room into a study?

Carrying out your makeover

If you can afford it, the easiest way to do a makeover is to get in a team of decorators and get the whole thing done in one go. You’ll have a few weeks of disruption to contend with, but the work will soon be finished, and you can start enjoying the new look. If you don’t want the hassle of a whirlwind of tradespeople descending on your home, or you want to do it all yourself (or at least as much as you can), you’ll need to tackle each room one at a time. It could be a long process, especially if you’re trying to fit it in around work and other commitments, but it is very satisfying when you’ve finished to see all that you’ve achieved.

A makeover can inject new life and warmth into your home, and enable you to appreciate the space you live in. It’s also a good way to keep yourself occupied during difficult times and usher in a new chapter in your life.