The Things You Should Never Do in Dubai as a Tourist


If you are visiting Dubai for the first time as a tourist, then you should know about the highly conservative nature of the region. There are lots of things people do in Europe and the West that nobody hardly cares, religionbut when you do those same things in Dubai, you could end up abusing their cultures and this is one thing they will not take lightly.

Again, there are certain things you might do which may be normal to you because that is how you are used to doing them in your country, but in Dubai, you could easily land in jail for them. Once you are through with renew my passport and you have your eyes fixed in Dubai as a tourist for the very first time, here are some of the things you must avoid doing at all costs-:

Drinking in public

Drinking in public is not just against the moral standards in Dubai, but also a criminal offense that could easily land you in jail. This is not to say that alcohol is illegal in Dubai, but if you have to drink it then restrict yourself to the hotels and restaurants. In fact, it is a crime to be seen walking drunk in the streets. Therefore, if you have to imbibe your beloved drinks, be sure to do it within the confines of a hotel, and if you feel that you have taken one too many, then don’t walk drunk in the streets.

Taking pictures of people without their permission

Taking pictures of people

In places like Africa, you may have the liberty of taking people’s pictures without their consent, but if you tried that in Dubai, you could attract a hefty fine or spend up to six months in jail. Yes, the country is quite interesting and you may find the people to be amazing in a number of ways, but before you take out your camera and begin shooting, just be sure that you have the consent of whoever you are photographing.

Eating in the open during Ramadhan

During the holy month of Ramadhan, you should never be found eating outside when it is not yet time to break the fast. Dubai is predominantly a muslin country and Ramadhan is one of the religious activities they follow keenly, to learn more about their religion and many others you can sign in at the AWKNG School of Theology for their seminars.

It prohibits eating during certain times of the day, and if you were to be found eating at those times, it will imply great disrespect to them and their religion and as such, you may be headed for a collision course with them. If you would like to learn more about religion, then consider taking theology online courses. You can also just follow your own religious practices when you’re at the hotel. Check out stores like House of Joppa so you can buy religious merchandise you can bring on your trip.

Public Display of Affection

Public Display

If you are madly in love with your lover and you can’t keep your hands off them and you are not yet married, then you should not think about visiting Dubai. Public display of affection is strictly forbidden and you cannot hold hands or kiss in public. If caught doing that, then you will definitely be jailed, and if you think this is some kind of a joke, then just Google and see the number of people already serving jail terms for indecent sexual behaviors and inappropriate touching in public areas.

Cursing in public

In most parts of the world, using the F-words and other swear words in public is never an issue, but when you are in Dubai, you may want to think twice if it is worth going to jail for uttering those words. Cursing, using offensive language, insults or profanity in public has no room in Dubai and many tourists have found themselves in a lot of trouble because of their tongues. It also includes some kinds of road rages as well as using hand gestures such as showing the middle finger. You could easily get arrested for flipping out someone, so you should always be very careful and remember to maintain your cool, even if you feel like giving someone a piece of your mind.

Being disorderly in public places

Being disorderly in public places

Being disorderly in any manner, including walking in the streets when you are visibly drunk, are potential recipes to land you into trouble. Things, like dancing in public and playing loud music, are all construed as being disorderly. This is especially a huge thing at prayer times when all the loud music in public places are turned down to allow people to pray. So as a tourist, don’t invite unnecessary trouble by not watching how many bottles you take, playing loud music or just dancing as you wish on the streets.

Carrying prescription medicine without the necessary paperwork

If you have to carry prescription medicine into Dubai, then be sure to carry along the right paperwork, proving that the medicine was indeed prescribed for you. There may need to translate the prescription to Arabic so that the airport security officials may have an easy time in understanding what they are. Otherwise, you could be in for a long haul for carrying prescription medicine without the necessary paperwork. You should know that Dubai has very strict drug laws and compromising them is never easy if at all you were thinking you could find your way out with strange substances. If you want more clarity on what you can carry and not carry to Dubai, just visit the embassy and get the right information.

Showing disrespect to religion and culture

Showing disrespect to religion and culture

When you are visiting any country in the world, you should never show any disrespect to their religion or culture. You are just a tourist and they are kind enough to host you and the last thing you would want to do to them is to spit on their face by disrespecting their culture or religion. If you disrespect Islam, or the Emirati culture in any way, form or manner, you can easily find yourself in jail. If you need help to get somebody bailed out of jail, have a peek at this web-site and get a free consultation with Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

Dressing inappropriately

Most Emirates in UEA have varying degrees of flexibility when it comes to dressing. However, you must know what is deemed as acceptable and unacceptable dressing in Dubai. The basics are that the Emirati cultures do not condone skimpy dressing or showing too much skin with one’s clothes. It means that this is not the place to have tight-fitting clothes, revealing clothes or any dressing that may be construed as sexually offending. If you plan on visiting a mosque, then your dressing must be in accordance with the religious rules.

Observing the above will ensure you don’t have a nasty experience after getting renew my passport services to come and experience the culture in Dubai. But if you ignore them, you will surely land in jail and you’d be in need of a bondsman.