The Best Interior and Exterior Uses for LED Step Lights in Home Decor

LED Step Lights

When you address the lighting inside your home’s interior you give your open spaces, hallways and stairways a greater sense of depth and proportions. The way the home is lit can make the interior a warming cozy atmosphere or a sophisticated and modernistic appeal.

LED Step Lights

In the following article we will cover the topic of Olympia Lighting and how small step lights can be used at proper locations in your homes anatomy to improve visibility, safety and completely alter the visible dimensions of your interior décor. Following are some of the best options for use of artificial led like step lights around the home. Not every portable utility light is created equal. Make sure to do your homework before buying your next one.

In the Wall

Lighting options built into the wall allow the light’s effects to be integrated seamlessly into the overall look and is far less dynamic than some of the other ideas found here. This can be done using a sparing light system of two or three units built into the wall alongside the staircase. Use rounded shapes and right angles to match the motion of the staircase.

This also can be applied to the hallways and corridors if the led lights are neatly tucked behind a recess the dimensions of the hallways are changed. Use broad square shapes to provide a warm and robust appearance. Smaller longer designs will make shorter rooms seem endless- the look is completed with a strategically placed mirror at the end of the hall.

On the Wall

Installing LED step lights on the wall allows you to a great variety of highly dynamic lighting effects that can be used in any number of ways but always provide and eye-catching appeal that contrasts and underscores elements of your interior décor. Led light bulbs that can be inserted in your stairway is also appealing.

You will find many adorable, aggressive, fantastic, steampunk or ultra-modern step lamps in Linear Lux that can produce a never-ending variety of lighting effects to make bold statements about the direction the décor is leading. This is especially useful if elements of your décor are still in production.

These can be organized in tightly arranged formations that contribute to a sophisticated precision or chunked to gather in clusters of complementing lights that appear like guiding stars leading this way and that through a surreal environment.

In addition to step lights, there are also LED Strip Light Kits that are the latest trend in modern home design. Standing alone, they could even be subtle and chic when tucked away in modest corners of the stairway, dining room, living room and corridors. Just remember the tendency these options have to be very attractive.

Under the Floor

LED lighting is so compact and versatile that it can be used to add a next-level dynamic appeal to a real wild and exotic looking location. This is an especially space-saving idea as it places lights in areas that typically have lot of room already.

The hollow under each stair is the perfect spot to place a string of LED lights that emit a cozy, cold or even eerie lighting that emanates from energies unknown. Change the vertical section of the step for a translucent material with tasteful patterns and the light falling though is suddenly more rustic and conventional.

If see what happens when you place these lights on the under sides of corner tables or heavy sofas and suddenly your poor furniture finders (toes) will never be stubbed again.

While this can seem like an opportunity to let your creativity run wild, you may find your final results are more appealing if you take the time to match your LED step lights to the other lighting arrangements in your home.

LED Step Lights and Landscape Lighting

The exterior of your home is the essential wrapping that sells the effects of the décor presented inside, to get a great landscape lights we recommend you follow the advises from

When it comes to lighting the exteriors, you will find a very small amount of light can go a long way, especially after night falls. Even the smallest gardens and yards will look far larger and more extensive when being improved with strategically placed step lights.

But unlike the inside of the home, you will need to consider a different approach when selecting a good step lighting system for your home’s exterior. Take a tour of your outside areas at night so you can choose the best places to place a light, bring a flashlight with you to give you an idea of how light will play in each spot.

Outdoor Lighting Issues

There are some issues you will face in the exterior that you won’t find inside. For example, the brightness and intensity of a light may cause a glare and detract from the delicate silhouettes and profiles of rocks, bushes, trees and other natural elements of your garden. You may consult a professional LED expert witness about the best lighting fixtures you can use in your outdoor space.

Another easy solution to this will be to use your lighting with a purpose choose a specific object or area you hope to cast light on and find the best way to accomplish this.  You may also like having lighted artificial LED palm trees. These lights are well suited to lighting large outdoor parties, illuminating walkways near pools or spas, or providing lighting to a custom outdoor bar.

Some of the best spots for outdoor LED step lights:

Some locations in your garden and home’s exterior will benefit more from better lighting than other. Placing a little extra light near entries and exits ways is one good place to enhance architectural and natural features of your home’s exterior.

Driveways have long sides with right angles and neat form of LED step lights here provides functionality and character to an important feature of your home exterior.

Pathways and walkways are another good spot for more light. Not only will this reduce the advent of stumbling in the dark, but lighting your pathways with a small lamp here and there, adds a thrilling aspect to navigating them.

Lighting up homes is one of the most rewarding ways to beautify your haven of safety and refuge. Today’s modern lighting options allow the home decorator an innumerable amount of possibilities to achieve any effect they hope for.

A final word of caution would be to make sure the items you use are made by reputable manufacturers and powered by safe electrical supplies, Never forget the risks of fire and electric shock through improper wiring. This is especially true for outdoor LED step lights, which will eventually get wet from the rain.