Roofing preparations for the coming winter

Even with the “winter is coming” jokes all around, thankfully we have fallen to still work on our roofing. If science class taught us anything was that extreme temperatures could potentially weaken various materials. Your roof is one of them. Before getting from one extreme summer temperature to the other in winter, here’s what you need to know about roofing in winter and what can get done to get your roof ready for the cold months ahead.

Call a roofing inspector

It is unlikely that you’ll notice the degree with which there’s been damage to the roof especially roof hail damage. Here is where inspectors from come in to play a crucial role. They are best placed to spot potential problems that would affect the state of your roof by the time spring comes round. The inspector who ought to also be a licensed contractor can make their way to the roof and comb the area of issues small and large which might result to roofing replacement. They are likely to recommend a review after winter to ensure that the snow and ice did not cause damage. You can hire a company like the Brampton Roofing company to get this done for you.

Clean the gutter

Part of the making winter preparations for your roof is making sure that your gutter installation is clean and in good condition. Clean out everything that could have made its way there; debris, branches, leaves, and trash ought to get cleared out. You want to do that so that there is no blockage when ice melts and you have to get snow and ice removal at increased rates. It also prevents stagnation of water that might occur from a clogged gutter that will invite undesirable insects to breed and spread disease. This will also give you a chance to inspect your gutters and determine if it’s time for a gutter replacement.

Mind the branches

If you have trees with their branches hanging over the roof, you might consider trimming. The reason is that snow makes them heavy, increasing the chances of it breaking and landing heavily on the roof. Due to how heavy it is, it is likely to dislodge, crack or break the tiles, something you want to avoid during the winter months.

Check the attic

The roof is not the only place to check for potential damage. Check the attic to ensure that there’s adequate airflow. If there is an issue, you want to fix it to avoid paying high energy bills given it’ll take more heat to warm up the home. Look for moisture damage or mold on the roof as it is an indication that the piping is faulty. If found, do not hesitate to reach water and mold remediation in New York City.


When you ensure your roof is in perfect shape, it aids in spending less on utility bills. Accumulatively you save more cash-wise, but also in the amount of energy you consume, making for a greener lifestyle. Call Tri-State Exteriors to set up your free roofing estimate for your Fort Wayne home!