Renovation Disaster Stories and Important Things to Know About Them


The real estate market is buzzing with excitement right now. There are more investors flipping houses and profiting from the growing market and you can be a part of the excitement too. The most competent property management consultants at Embark PM will guide you on what property to invest in. We have discussed many things about the real estate market in the past, including how you can get started with your real estate investment.

After acquiring a property, you want to improve it in order to add value to the real estate. This means renovating the property and doing some remodeling work. It is essential that you work with qualified general contractor at every step, simply because less reliable ones are more likely to make mistakes that could turn your renovation project into a disaster.


Damaged Floors and Surfaces

One of the risks you face when you choose to work with an unreliable contractor is the risk of damaging the property itself. When work isn’t done with enough preparation, that work can end up being more damaging to the property than it should.

For example, working on the ceiling without properly covering the floor could lead to the ladder or scaffolding damaging the floor. Wooden floor panels in particular aren’t always easy to fix when they get scratches all over them.

Another example is painting a room without properly covering the floor and other surfaces. Paint splatter and drops can completely ruin the surfaces they touch, especially when the paint gets to gaps between panels or reaches a surface that is porous.

These potential issues will cost money to fix, and the cost of solving the issues can be as high – if not higher – than the initial remodeling cost. You want to avoid them by preparing for the project better. The advantage of hiring an edmonton property management company is they know how to take care of properties.

Expanded Cost and Timeframe

Another risk you face when working with unreliable contractors is the risk of dealing with delays and additional costs. If you think scratched floors or broken surfaces are bad, wait until the contractor tells you that it will take another couple of weeks to clean or repair the damaged surfaces.

The longer the delay, the more you’ll have to pay in labor and supplies. You will end up with a higher cost than anticipated, which is not good when you are trying to make a profit from a property by boosting its value.

Bigger Problems to Deal With

There is also the chance that you might discover bigger issues to deal with as you venture into the renovation project further. Not knowing where the pipes are when opening a dry wall, for instance, could mean damaging one of the essential pipes and having to do more repair work than was anticipated.

There is also the possibility of finding out problems that you did not spot before. You usually have to decide whether to ignore the issue or take steps to rectify it; the latter is usually the better way to go, although it isn’t always the most affordable option.

These contractor disaster stories have happened to the best investors, even the ones with years of experience. Make sure you go through the process of finding a good and reliable contractor for your renovation project so that you don’t have to deal with these nightmares along the way.