Undermount Kitchen Sinks – Installation Tips and How Undermount Kitchen Sinks Are Set Up 

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

If you like sophisticated seamless designs, then undermount kitchen sinks are what you need. These sinks are modern, and their understated and yet elegant style is a charm many home owners cannot turn away from. This, in addition to other benefits they have to offer, such as easier cleaning demands, mean that the sinks will make your kitchen a more delightful part of your home. Therefore, making the switch to undermount sinks should always represent an aesthetic upgrade if you are doing a kitchen remodeling. Here are some tips on installing undermount kitchen sinks you should keep in mind.

How is an Undermount Kitchen Sink Installed?

Since the undermount kitchen sink is installed below the countertop and not over it, it obviously needs something special to hold in place under the countertop. This is achieved using metal anchors attached to the countertop’s underside using a two-part mixture known as epoxy. You can consult kitchen countertop installation services or a kitchen remodeling contractor before doing this.

The epoxy cures almost immediately. More importantly, it holds the sink in place very strongly. Silicone caulk is also applied to bond the sink to the stone countertop recommended by AF Jones Stonemasons . The purpose of this is to prevent water from getting to the underside of the countertop from in between the sink and the stone. This caulk is applied to the sink lip and the sink is pushed against the countertop and properly positioned for a perfect fit.

Installation Tip

Before installing a kitchen sink, the underside has to be free of dust and lint. Ask kitchen renovations Edmonton help you on this part of the process if you need a faster solution. Otherwise, the epoxy bond might not hold as firmly as it should. A brush can help create this clean surface. Therefore, the dust that gets to the countertop underside as it is cut to make a hole for the sink has to be dusted off for an effective bonding surface.

Making the Cut and Doing the Polishing

A hole has to be made on top of the countertop, in consideration of the shape of the sink that will be installed underneath. Whether it is granite or any other material, this part of the installation process is critical. However, after the cut, the edges have to be smoothened out to get rid of any rough edges. If you have some carpentry skills, the cutting and polishing process is something you can manage. Otherwise, you should get a professional to do it to make sure that the installation looks clean and professional.

Tools and Installation Time

Installing an undermount kitchen sink should take about half an hour. The epoxy needs about ten minutes to set. However, each kitchen sink is different with regard to the manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions. Therefore, this might factor into how long the process takes. Obviously, for the best installation experience, you should work based on what the undermount kitchen sink maker recommends. Having the best undermount kitchen sinks will not be apparent if the installation process is compromised in one way or another. Also, during the installation process, the tools you need include bar clamps, epoxy, and a caulk gun.

Enjoy the Benefits

Once your undermount kitchen sink is properly installed, you can go on and enjoy its many upsides. This includes better aesthetics, and easier cleaning and maintenance. Such upsides will better explain why an undermount kitchen sink is the ideal choice if you wan to give your kitchen sink an upgrade.


Installing an undermount kitchen sink properly is very important. Messing this job can mean ruining the sink or even the countertop; and that can have costly repercussions. The process has to be done carefully to ensure that the sink goes well with the hole made for it. Additionally, the materials used to attach the sink have to be given adequate time to set so that the sink attaches properly. Otherwise, it might detach and drop to the ground, demanding another installation job.

But generally speaking, installing an undermount kitchen sink is something you can manage if you have some basic carpentry skills. Many people are concerned that the sink is highly likely to fall off during use under the weight of the water in it. However, the epoxy used in these installations attaches very strongly, and it is also very durable.