3 Ways to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink Drain

Kitchen Sink Drain

A clogged sink can really put a damper on your day. It can render your in-drain disposal useless and is often accompanied by some pretty unsavory smells. While most homeowners will let a plumbing services expert handle this type of repair, there are some DIY tricks you can try before calling in the professionals. As your sink starts to fill up with dirty dishes and the water level keeps rising, you may start to feel anxious – but take a deep breath. There are some clever ways for you to unclog your blocked drains that you should keep in mind.

Kitchen Sink Drain

 Raid Your Pantry

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a clogged drain is by scrounging up a few products you already have around the house. There are two popular home remedies for a backed up sink, both of which involve baking soda. Keep in mind, all standing water should be removed from your sink before trying either method.

For the first remedy, pour equal parts baking soda and white or apple cider vinegar down your drain. Once the initial bubbling starts to simmer down, put in the drain stopper and wait for a quarter of an hour. Once 25 minutes have passed, run hot water down your drain and see if that has helped improve the clog. If not, you can try again but if you would like to avoid the handwork, consider hiring a Drain Cleaning Company.

The other method requires baking soda and salt. Mix one cup of baking soda with half a cup of salt and pour it down the drain. (Hopefully you’re in the middle of binge-watching a show because you’ll need to wait for a few hours.) Once the waiting is up, pour boiling water down your drain and see if it’s had any impact on the clog. Much like the first method, you can repeat this one if need be.

A Snake in the Drain

Chances are you’ve heard of a plumber’s snake before. It’s also possible that you’ve never used one in your life. Don’t worry! They’re very user-friendly and easy to handle. This method requires a bit more hands-on work but is one of the fastest ways to clear out a stubborn clog. You’ll begin by disassembling the drain pipe as well as the P-drain that connects the bottom of the sink to the wall. This is where you can insert the snake and hopefully break up whatever resistance is causing your clog.

If you don’t have a plumber’s snake on hand, don’t sweat it. You can achieve a similar effect by straightening out a coat hanger. While it won’t reach nearly as far as a snake will, it can handle some smaller clogs both in the drain pipe itself and in the stub pipe that sticks out of the wall. Don’t go bending your best hangers out of shape, though!

Call in the Professionals

If the at-home remedies aren’t working (or if you’d rather get the problem sorted out immediately) it’s probably time to call in a Clogged Drain Cleaning Service company. Relying on outlets like Miranda Home Services will ensure that your clogs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Oftentimes, professional plumbing services, like Plumbers Perth, will be able to tell you the source of the clog and provide you with some valuable tips on how to prevent another one. From tips on how to avoid relying too heavily on your garbage disposal to tricks you can use for general maintenance, your plumber is a great informational resource who can help you keep all of your pipes running properly through regular drain cleaning. Visit craftsman-plumbing.com/service-areas/professional-plumbing-services-eastlake-neighborhood/ to see if they service your area.

Clearing It Out

Regardless of whether or not you try to tackle the problem yourself or leave it in the hands of residential drain cleaning professionals, you shouldn’t leave a clogged sink to sit for too long. Not only is it a massive disruption to your day-to-day life, it can also lead to serious plumbing problems. And, let’s be honest – nobody wants that. Look into some preventative tips from this drain cleaning service, as well. With any luck, this clog will be your last!