Top 5 Ideas to Make Your Workspace More Productive — With Furnishing


The way in which your workspace is organized may, to the greater extent, determine whether you’ll feel inspired to work and happy with the results achieved. With this assumption in mind, I’ve collected five creative pieces of advice from tutors to make your workspace more productive.

One study confirmed the relationship between the workspace design variables, employees’ loyalty, productivity, and engagement.


It’s All about Order

Each of us has their unique understanding of how a productive workspace should look like. But it’s hard to deny that a good workspace is a tidy workspace! If your space is neatly organized, you don’t waste precious minutes searching for a piece of paper, a pen or any other stuff. And if you want to be productive, you need the right tools. This Todoist review shows how a simple app can increase productivity significantly.

“He longed for cleanliness and tidiness: it was so hard to find peace in the middle of disorder” – Robin Hobb, City of Dragons

Organize Your Work with a Whiteboard


You, probably, know that a whiteboard is a surface for permanent or nonpermanent markings. And it will surely make your work productive, since no task is overlooked, and no idea is left behind!

And what about decorating your whiteboard to give it a touch of personality? Decorated whiteboard makes planning (even of the dullest tasks) an exciting affair!

Make Your Workplace Green

Workplace Green

Ok, you don’t have to paint your walls in green or buy olive furniture if you don’t want to. But what about decorating your table with some plant? The advantages are obvious:

  • Plants purify the air, so your brain never lacks oxygen.
  • You feel relaxed when watching some beautiful plant.
  • It makes you more disciplined. After all, you have to water the plant to enjoy its beauty!

Note Holders  Add Color to Your Life

There are at least two good reasons to make colorful note holders a part of your working interior.

(1) While your brain is a perfect tool, there’s always the risk to forget or miss something. So, use the note holders to avoid the reputation of an absent-minded chap.

(2) Colorful note holders please your eye. It is nice to have a bright detail in the interior. You can focus on this detail each time you reflect on some problem or seek inspiration.

Choose Color Supplies

Color Supplies

Color pens, pencils, notebooks, rulers and other supplies look nice but that’s hardly their only merit. The point is that different some colors can increase your productivity in a number of ways. Studies suggest that colors have their particular effect on people’s mood, critical thinking, and productivity.

Did you known that:

  • Blue color enhances your productivity
  • Red color is associated with vigor and leadership.
  • Red-orange color nurtures thirst for action
  • Yellow color is associated with intellect
  • Green color will stimulate your ambitions
  • Purple color will make you more creative

A COLORFUL workplace is a productive workspace!!!

So, make your space neat and colorful; add a touch of personality, and you’ll be

impressed by the results you get!