Relieve Stress Fast With These 5 Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drinks

There is doubt in the society we live in, stress is bound to catch up with us from time to time. We must be able to handle stress in a healthy way. There are many stress management classes that you can take up through healthcare centres like Legacy Healing. Trying to “wait it out” often leads to other health issues.  Headaches, upset stomach, and high blood pressure are just a few of the physical problems we can get by ignoring the stress.

We all have ways to deal with stress. We know exercise takes the frustration and nervous tension away. We know that removing ourselves from the situation and taking deep breaths will sometimes filter what is going on in our heads before it exits our mouth. But, sometimes these techniques are not an option. If you are in a heated meeting at work or taking care of a sick child at home, you can’t break out into a set of jumping jacks. You have to hold stay fast with the issue.

Healthy Drinks

Stress is not a new problem. It has been around as long as people have roamed the planet. Today, we have more tools like elf bar vape to deal with stress. But, before you think we are far better off than our ancestors consider this. In the past, modern medications did not exist. People relied on natural herbs, oils, plants, and remedies. Today, history has begun to repeat itself. People who reject the idea of taking drugs, full of chemicals that they know nothing about, are looking at essential oils. Even if we begin with apprehension, we find that many all-natural health oils and drinks are worth a try if you want to relieve stress better and faster. They are powerful oils that are highly concentrated. So just a drop or two is usually all we need.

How do you take essential oils?

Before you begin, you need to know where to get high-quality essential oils. Often the oils you see in the supermarket are mixtures and are only for the purpose of fresh scents. Buy premium essential oils at

Essential oils, such as CBD Oil UK, can be inhaled. This is what happens when you put the oil in a diffuser or an oil burner. It is usually mixed with water and the diffuser shoots a cool mist in the air. The oils are then breathed in and penetrate the soft tissue inside the nose.

The second way it is used is by rubbing it onto your male skin. Using a base like coconut oil, or body butter, you can smooth these oils on your body.

Finally, you can put a drop or two of essential oils in drinks and ingest it. They add flavor and begin working to relieve stress immediately.

5 drinks to try

Peppermint Lavender Tea

Drinking Peppermint Herbal Tea is an instant stress buster. Peppermint soothes the stomach, elevates the mood and gives you focus. Pregnant women shouldn’t drink high levels of peppermint oil. Add one or two drops of lavender essential oils to further lower your stress level. This drink is an instant “feel good” drink. However, if you’re looking for a place that can provide you with a free pregnancy test and consultation, check out More Bonuses here for more info!

You can use dry or fresh peppermint to make your tea. Add one tablespoon of dried peppermint to 8 ounces of boiling water an steep for 3-4 minutes. If you use fresh peppermint, crush the leaves and allow them to simmer in 8 ounces of hot water for 2 minutes. You should use lavender essential oils because it is difficult to get the amount of lavender you need from the plant. Strain before drinking. For you tea lovers out there, try buying wholesale tea to save yourself some cash.

Fresh fruit juice and Rose Essential oil

Rose Essential oil is great for stress. It also makes your skin glow and your hair strong and softer.  But, remember it is a powerful oil. For an 8 ounce glass of fruit juice add 1-2 drops. Do not drink more than a cup or two per day. Rose oil in higher amounts is used for constipation. If you have recurrent stomach troubles like bloating or inflammation, Total Restore by Gundry MD is an effective formula that consists natural substances that have proven to help promote gut health.

Cinnamon Oil, Peppermint, Hot Chocolate

You do not have to save this for the holidays, but while shopping, cooking, wrapping, and sales, you will want to have this around.  Make a cup of your favorite hot chocolate, add 2 drops of Cinnamon Bark Essential oil and one drop of Peppermint essential oil. You will feel great and relaxed in no time. What a tasty way to beat the holiday blues.

Lemongrass and Ginger Tea

You will prepare this like any other tea. Steep it for a few minutes in very hot water. When it cools (and you can drink this cold). Serve it with lemon slices and a stick of cinnamon. This is a more citrus tea. You can use Sweet Orange oil instead of lemongrass if you prefer.

Lemon Balm and Spearmint Tea

This tea has a minty taste with a bit of lemon. It will calm anxiety without making you sleepy. For every cup of boiling water, use 1 tablespoon of dried lemon balm leaves, and 3 drops of spearmint oil. You can substitute any mint oil if spearmint is not your favorite. This is a mild tea that can keep you relaxed all day Take it along to the office and sip it as you work. You can take along fresh lemon balm leaves and let it steep in hot water. You will need 2 tablespoons per cup.