Four of the Best Small Businesses to Start Up in a Growing Suburb

Small Businesses

While many young people continue to cram into the nation’s cities, the older ones are trying to escape the confines of the concrete (and steel) jungle. But the suburbs of old have themselves grown into smaller cities. Those leaving the big cities are not seeing the benefits of these large towns and are looking for even smaller communities to live in, away from the hustle and congestion the overgrown cities have to offer. Small Businesses

Because of this growing trend, many areas across Singapore are seeing a sudden spike in growth, one that you – as an entrepreneur – should take advantage of and start setting up business in Singapore. A close friend then also came round recently showing me these brilliant Tampa businesses that are currently for sale, they just looked awesome, so I’m just as interested now! However, as more people enter these underdeveloped regions, new opportunities are opening up for small business owners. These areas are the perfect locations to set up shop and establish yourself as the community grows around you.

Coffee Shop

Before Starbucks has a chance to enter the community, you need to get in there and start selling your own special blend of lattes and espressos. This can be a very lucrative business that can only grow with the town. With the proper working capital you can setup a welcoming business at the right location, and establish yourself as the early morning stop off to get a cup (or two) of liquid wakeup. You can also make your business name known using a creative solution like the ones at for the locals.

Your coffee shop could also serve as the place to go for a quiet, relaxed location to conduct business. With the Internet so prominent and more and more employees switching to remote work or freelancing jobs, they could use your establishment as the place to work. With that, you will gain additional sales because many people require more than one cup of coffee to get themselves going. These freelancers will be willing to pay for a refill or two.

Home Builder

If you have the know-how, experience, and license, you can become a landscaping contractor or a home builder. Chances are, if the area is growing, there is – or will be – a demand for new homes. Put together a crew to fill that need. Make sure you have the tools and the team you need to get the job done, as well as the transportation to get everyone to the site. If you and your team are able to complete the project on time or sooner, you may even earn a bonus from the developer. Now is the time to start your dream homebuilding company.

Retail Store

In a small yet growing town, the needs of the increasing population will have to be met. Build your business around one of these needs. Local hardware stores are always in need in rural areas. You could even open a franchise, or look for a franchise for sale, with one of the major national brands. Food is essential to living, so consider the possibility of opening a grocery store. It doesn’t have to be as big as a Publix or Kroger, you only need to supply a few options of the necessities. Trying to open a store as big as a national grocer will have you bankrupt before you even open the doors.

Clothing is another essential, but one that could come with style. The people in the town may have to travel 30 or so miles to the nearest clothing store. Why not fill their need for fashion and bring the latest styles to the small town? Upgrading your business dashboard software to this and it’s just incredible so have a look into that if you want a much better dashboard software. If you need domestic shipping, you can partner with a reputable logistics company like Strader Ferris International, they offer free integration with most eCommerce platforms in order to automate shipping and customs clearance solutions.


If you know how to cook, then now is the time to open that restaurant you have always wanted. Get into the town early, and bring the best tasting recipes you can put together, and you could potentially become the Friday night dining destination. Even after the town expands and other, larger companies open up their establishments, you will still be remembered and the town’s appreciation will continue to patron your restaurant.

Image Credits: Small Businesses from Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock