The Most Beautiful Furniture Crafts Ever Created

Furniture Crafts

The quality of craftsmanship is all in the detail and some pieces of furniture are true works of art. That being said, if you cannot fathom furniture as an ornament, some of the most amazing pieces retail prices will shock those of you in denial. A handful of the most expensive pieces are on display around the world for admirers to appreciate when they are touring the area, proving that beauty holds no price. Preserved and categorized under antiques, some beautiful originial pieces of furniture are valued above $36 million!

Furniture Crafts

The Badminton Cabinet

This novel cabinet retailed for a jaw dropping price of $36.7 million and holds the title of not only being the most expensive piece of new furniture delivery, but also the most beautiful creation in furniture history. The antique piece is heavily priced due to the creation being designed with precious jewels dating back to the era of kings, queens and dukes. The cabinet was bought by a museum and can be viewed at the Liechtenstein Museum.

The Dragons Chair

The monumental price of $26.6 million was tagged on this leather chair and gobbled up by a collector with a taste of the finer things in life. The chair, once belonging to Yves St. Laurent, is noted as a piece of artwork, fitting into any designers home and matching with even the most modern furniture pieces.

The Harrington Commode

This priceless piece of furniture retailed for $5 million – a pretty chunk of change for the richest of rich. The commode is from the 18th century and holds massive antique value for collectors. Designed and crafted using the richest wood from a historical era, the condition of this piece is immaculate and ideal for a collection. If you want to browse for extra furniture pieces to accommodate with this one, check the Custom Furniture in Calgary online store at the link.

George II Parcel Gift Padauk Cabinet

This astonishing beautiful furniture piece was beautifully crafted and apparently auctioned for a steal at the high price of $3.9 million. The cabinet is expertly crafted by a well-known designer which added to the value of the furniture.

Think you might want to seat yourself in these beautiful furniture collection pieces? Maybe drink champagne like a millionaire or play slots UK online to become the next tycoon in possession of such extraordinary pieces? Your best bet is to become a carpenter and create replicas of these historical pieces for your viewing pleasure or alternatively buy something a little less extraordinary from a home depot. Check out some fantastic DIY tips to help you through your creativity.

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