Why Bedroom is the Best Place to have Essential Oil Aroma

The colours and lighting you use in your home are the thin lines between a cosy and inviting ambience and a dark house. Similar to these factors, the fragrance of a room has the potential to completely transform it from a chaotic environment to a relaxing one.
Fortunately, there’re many ways to give your home a pleasant atmosphere and one way to do so is by incorporating essential oils. These oils are especially beneficial in the bedroom, where you highly need relaxation. Below is why bedrooms are the best places to have essential oil aroma.

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Essential oils help ease anxiety, depression and other mental disorders

Do you usually find yourself up at 3.00 A.M looking at your phone’s screen while the whole world around you is already deep in slumber, or do you wake up abruptly at 2.00 A.M and stay awake for hours on end while trying to find your way to dreamland in vain? If yes, then you’re in the right place because we have a little secret to help you get the much-needed sleep, and that is; essential oils.

Usually, for you to go to sleep, your brain needs to be relaxed and at ease. Unfortunately, mental disorders such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression tend to keep your mind on its toes. Even a little stress causes your neurotransmitters to be overexcited, a factor that prevents the sleep hormone melatonin from being released, hence keeping your brain alert for hours on end. However, studies have associated essential oils with calming and relaxation which is what you need whenever you are a little stressed, anxious, or depressed.

These pleasant smelling oils boast of aromatic molecules which unlike other molecules, can easily cross the blood and brain barrier within a few minutes and interact with the part of the brain associated with emotions and memory. Thanks to this, essential oils help offer calmness and relaxation within a short time after you diffuse them, thereby bringing you the much-needed calm and recreation, and enabling you to drift into dreamland a few minutes later, and into a deep quality slumber, that will have you refreshed the next day.

Essential oils that help with sleep


Lavender is the mother of all essential oils due to its versatility. For instance, besides its pleasant scent, lavender also helps offer relief to irritation, bug bites and is most known for providing relaxation. Lavender essential oil contain lots of natural linalyl acetate, which is associated with calmness and relaxation. This compound promotes the movement of oxygen into the limbic system by boosting blood circulation. This area of the brain is directly linked to emotions, memories and even sense of smell. As a result, it helps calm down the over excited neurons, offering relief from stress, anxiety and other disorders which cause your brain to be alert. This, in turn, creates an ideal brain environment for the production of the sleep hormone.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is another essential oil that when diffused, will help you keep insomnia at bay. The oil originates from Indonesia and is an adaptogen which means it works depending on the status of the brain. Additionally, it boasts of sedative properties which makes it even more ideal during times like these when you need your precious eight hours of sleep. Cannabis-based products like Strawberry CBD Oil can also be used to relieve stress, promote healthy sleep, and reduce nausea, along with other wellness benefits.

Essential oil set the mood for romance

If you watch romantic movies and soap operas, you will notice that the characters usually use essential oil diffusers and scented candles for a romantic plot.

These are not just props as they indeed set the mood for romance and intimacy as these penis pumps for sale General will sure do. As mentioned earlier, these oils tend to interact with the limbic system which again, is associated with emotions and as such are ideal when you want to enjoy your sexuality as well as that of your partner. For instance, besides its pleasant smell, rose essential oil is a natural aphrodisiac so besides offering relaxation, it also boosts sensuality and your sex drive. In fact, rose oil has been nicknamed the essential oil of love.

Other essential oils that help you take things a notch higher in your bedroom include Ylang Ylang, peppermint, Clary sage, jasmine, lavender, neroli, and fennel among many others. Their blissful aroma also tends to capture the attention of your partner for those days when you don’t want to be vocal about intimacy. If you’re all alone, you can still use these oils for sensational purposes by going to explicit sites and you should also have a look at Hot Sugar Babes as they have some stunning babes doing naughty live cam shows.

We’ve only highlighted a few, but there are many other plant extracts which help shape your sex life and promote better sleep. These include jatamansi, frankincense, and cedarwood among many others. Only the best essential oil diffuser will help you make the most out of your essential oil of choice as it diffuses the delightful aromas from essential oils throughout the bedroom.

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