Four Indoor Winter Activities for Families

Board games

With so few places to go and biting cold, staying active in winter is a challenge. Nonetheless, the season also provides endless room for creativity, innovation, and honing of your adaptation skills. Here are four tips on how to keep your kids and friends warm and happy this winter.


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Dancing sessions

The fastest way to get your kids and family members moving their limbs is to turn up a hit song on the stereo. If you can get your family to dance to a tune that they can sing along, then try it. Otherwise, encourage your kids to dance as this will keep them entertained and exercised during the cold months.

Board games

Board games are the still the winter games for most families. Chess, scrabbles checkers and domino are some of the games that you can play with your kids or spouse indoors. You can add fun to the games by creating prizes. If you have old kids, try card games. Additionally, if you’re in an active adult community, invite adult friends for table card games such as Blackjack and other poker games if you understand the gaming rules.

Traditional winter games

You can also make your winter memorable by incorporating some traditional winter activities into the routine. One of them is sledging. Take a ride with your kids and spouse on a sledge down the snowy hills. Ice-skating is another activity that makes winter months worthwhile. You can find the equipment at a nearby indoor recreational facility at a reasonable price.


The list of what you can do to keep your family active and entertained in winter is limited by your imagination. Start with the four above and ask your friends, kids, or family members to suggest other activities. Newer means of entertainment are available like the escape room puzzles, trading card games, indoor sports, and much more. Incorporate as many as you can in your program. If you need more ideas for things to do with kids during the school holidays then download the Gojam app.

Image Credits: Board games  from David Prado Perucha /Shutterstock