How Loftey Saves You Money Compared to Other Rental Websites

Saves You Money

Finding an apartment to rent in New York City can be a nightmare, especially if you’re working with a tight budget. Having said that, however, there have been a variety of apps and websites released over the past few years that have helped apartment-hunters a lot in searching for brownstone apartments for rent. But not all websites and apps are made equal; some of these apps and sites are a lot better than others and end up having a lot more to offer.

When it comes to NYC apartments to rent, though, there are some rental websites that stand out a lot more than their competitors; one of these is Loftey, which aims to help renters find more affordable rental apartments across the city. Compared to many of its competitors, Loftey has a variety of innovative and unique features that help you to save money when you’re looking to rent an apartment. As everyone looking for Chelsea apartments to rent knows, there can be a variety of fees to pay upfront, and many people can often need months to save up these kinds of fees.

While many apps and websites will be upfront about these costs, very few actually go out of their way to help you reduce these fees. Loftey, however, has developed relationships with various rental buildings and brokers across the city to ensure that fees are as low as possible. They also go further than that an allow you to pay those fees over a period of time so that there’s no undue burden for when you initially rent the apartment. On average, the apartment rental website helps to reduce your rent by an average of $25 to $200 per month; for Chelsea apartment, that can end up being a massive difference, especially over time. On the other hand, aspiring landlords who are looking to calculate the rent of a property can utilize tools such as a rent calculator.

Compared to many other online brokers, the company doesn’t charge renters for finding an apartment through the app; instead, they make their money through referral fees which are paid for by the apartment’s landlord. However, that doesn’t mean any extra fees on your end; you’ll simply pay the price shown on the property listing with no hidden charges further on down the line. We all know that many different rental apps and websites showcase a lot of different apartments, and that’s especially true with NYC apartments for rent. Because of that, it’d be insane not to look around different websites to find an apartment that suits your needs and budget.

However, Loftey has gone further than many of its competitors and have extended their deals to apartments that are listed on other apartments. So if you’ve found an apartment that’s perfect for you, but it’s slightly out of your budget, you may be able to work with Loftey to get the apartment at a more affordable price. By contacting the landlords on your behalf, Loftey may be able to bring down the rental price of the apartment by a significant margin. With that in mind, who wouldn’t want to use a rental website that helps save them money?

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