7 Best Home Automation Systems for a Smart Home

Home Automation Systems

This century is the best for a technology-oriented living? We have got everything which is required to make our life easy, and day by day we have got new inventions coming in and degrading the existing one. Do you also have some new invention ideas? If yes, then you may want to check out these inventor services here for some important tips and ideas!

Today we are also going to discuss the top 7 smart home automation systems which will help you in some way or another. These 7 products I have used personally and I found it worth reviewing. I hope this article helps you in deciding the best.

Amazon Alexa

This is the smartest home ecosystem present in the market right now. Alexa is now a household name because of its value for money. Alexa is really helpful if you are not a big fan of moving here and there for every little thing. Alexa can now help you to maintain your room temperature.

Brilliant Control

The second system you must install in your home is Brilliant Control. It is a system which is installed on the wall and it has got many features like play music, control temperature and works as a door camera.

SkyBell HD

Totally a different looking home security camera. It is a video doorbell that lets you see and speak to the person outside your door. These smart doorbells delivers 1080p quality with night vision.


The temperature control system is a must for if you want a comfortable and diverse setting. This temperature system can allow you to set differently for different rooms. This system helps you personalize your room according to your need.

Philips Hue family

If you like lights with different colours and always thinking of installing different variations, this product is for you. The Philips Hue delivers bulbs which has intensity setter and they also have got a different colour.

Smart Vacuums

These vacuums keep your house clean and maintain the quality of air in your house. If you have a pet, it’s normal to find your rug, sofa or bed filled with your pet hair. This Narwal robotic Vacuum comes in really handy and is easy to use.

QardioBase 2

Fitness is the trend which is going to stay and it should stay. If you want a smart home, then visit your smart home store. Investing in a fitness system is the first step towards your fitness goal. The base helps you measure BMI, tracking fat, water, muscle mass etc.

These systems are just a few names available in the market that offer building automation controls. There are many more systems which are available and I have just mentioned a few. In today’s fast-changing ways, everyday people are coming with a new system which makes your home smarter and friendlier to use.

Before installing any of the automation systems just make sure what you really require and invest in that only. Just because it is trending and it’s in offer does not make it a potential system you should invest in. Making your home smart is one thing and installing the system just for sake of it is another. You can read this article from Vantiq to know more about smart buildings.

Image Credits: Home Automation Systems from Peshkova /Shutterstock