8 Tips To Make Your Home Safer

Home Safer

We all know what the basics of home safety are, but there’s always more we can be doing to make our homes safer. We know to lock our doors, shut our windows, look through the peephole before opening the front door, and we known to invite strangers into our home to “use the phone” or any other excuse they may come up with. The question is, are these basic home security practices enough? Talking to an experienced locksmith for professional locksmith services like the ones from locksmith indio is one of the first steps to improve your security at home.

“Although modern architecture firms design with home safety in mind, today’s homeowners can take extra precaution and leverage that safety by implementing a few best practices of their own,” says Ozarch, an architecture company in Denver. “The best way to ensure home safety is to take a preventative approach and incorporate home safety features to your home. Although certain at-home emergencies are very unlikely to happen to your family, it’s best to be prepared, and to have a plan.”

Having these smart home security features installed, like video surveillance system, and emergency plans in place will give you peace of mind that your family is safe at home. Here are 8 tips to make your home safer:

Practice Emergency Evacuation Plans

At school, your kids probably have practiced earthquake drills and other in-case-of-emergency drills organized by the school administration. But what about at home? Have you practiced emergency evacuation plans and in-case-of-emergency plans with your children at home? Your whole family should come up with a plan, and practice it. Have a plan for burglaries, natural disasters, and home invasions.

Get a Safe Room

A safe room is an extremely secure, often hidden room in your home that you and your family can enter in case of an emergency, and be safe within. A safe room can be used as a panic room in case of a home invasion, or as a storm shelter to hide out in during dangerous weather conditions. These secure rooms, with a powerlift hydraulic system, are built for security, which means that your family will be protected from extreme weather conditions as long as you remain inside of it.

Ward Off Home Invaders

There are many things you can do to ward off home invaders. You can put up a “Beware of Dog” sign even if you don’t have a guard dog. You can install motion detector lights in front of the dog doors that will scare off somebody who enters your property. A big sign that states that your home is actively secured by an alarm system helps ward off intruders as well.

Don’t Make Your Home Look Empty

If you and your family are away on a vacation, ask your neighbor to collect mail, flyers and newspapers so that they don’t collect and make it look obvious that you’re away. Some home security systems come with timers so that you can turn on your TV intermittently to make your home look occupied. You can even get a friend to house sit so that your home isn’t left empty and vulnerable.

Get a Smart Security System Installed

Home security systems are very advanced these days, and to keep your home safe, you get a system installed by one of these high-tech companies. Many of the home security systems with the latest technology connect to your smart phone. This means that if you forgot to lock your door, you can lock it from your smart phone. You can check in on your home from cameras on your phone, and get updates on your phone if an alarm is triggered. For an extra fee, some home security companies will have your home surveyed 24/7 by professionals who will contact your local fire and police departments when alarms are triggered.

Secure Your Home Properly

Securing your home properly involves some thought. What’s the point of getting a fancy deadbolt lock installed, if you have a window on your door that can easily be broken with a rock? Get high-quality locks on your doors with the help of a professional locksmith from Locksmith San Antonio, and don’t forget to secure the windows as well, with either bars or special glass. Consider installing security doors to ward off intruders. Trim any large bushes or plants near your home’s entrance so that intruders don’t have a place to hide.

Practice Safe Habits

Safe habits in the home include never leaving the kitchen when the stove is on, keeping all poisonous home cleaning products secured and out of reach, and remembering to set alarms and lock doors and windows at night.

Test Your Smoke Detectors

Most homes have smoke detectors, but most homeowners don’t test them regularly to make sure they’re still functioning. Test your smoke detectors every few months, and if you want to be extra-safe, install a carbon monoxide detector as well.

Finally, you may hire a Fire Watch Security personnel to check on your property and respond to any emergency.

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