7 Tips for Building a Photo Gallery Wall

Photo Gallery Wall

A photo gallery wall is one of the instant ways to add life to a boring space at home. It can serve as the focal point and will also be an interesting piece to start a conversation with your guests. Organizing a gallery wall, however, is not easy. With tons of photos, it is a daunting task. If you want to know how to do it right, read on and learn from the insights we’ll share.

  • Pick the Right Photos

When creating a perfect gallery wall, a good starting point is the selection of the right photos. Choose ones that are meaningful to you, including pictures from family vacations or during special holidays. If you are an avid photographer, the gallery wall is the perfect opportunity to showcase your stunning shots. You should also think about hiring a professional photographer like the Sarah Drewry Photography to take your family photos.

  • Choose High-Quality Prints

For the photos to stand out on your wall, make sure to tell the print shop to print them in the highest resolution that is possible. Otherwise, it won’t look good. Especially if you are going to display colorful photos, a high-quality print will make sure that they will be instantly noticeable. If you are looking for the best deals, check out Shutterfly for free photo prints.

  • Mix It Up

Go beyond photos in your gallery wall. Aside from pictures, typography will also be a good idea, especially if you choose inspiring quotes about family or a happy home. If you are going to add quotes, make sure that it matches the pictures that are on display. Just make sure to print all your designs in high quality with the help of services like printing services dublin.

  • Use Different Materials

While most gallery walls have framed photos, you can dare to be different. Display frameless photos. Think beyond paper when it comes to where the photos will be printed. For instance, a good alternative is to print the pictures on canvas. For the best place to print your pictures on canvas, visit Shutterfly.com.

  • Find the Perfect Spot

It is also crucial that you find the right space at home where to have your photo gallery wall. A good spot is one that can be easily seen by your guests. You can hang it around windows, on the wall at the top of a fireplace, or above a small cabinet, among other places.

  • Choose a Color Scheme

An attractive photo gallery wall is cohesive. With this, it is best to start with a color scheme in mind, which will make it easier to choose the photos to display. For a sophisticated appeal, a black and white color scheme works best.

  • Pick the Right Frame

Choosing the right pictures for your gallery wall is just the first step. Complement it with the right frame. If you want a modern or trendy look, go for metal frames. For a vintage and homey appeal, on the other hand, wooden frames will work.

Keep in mind our suggestions above to build the perfect gallery wall at home. Pick the right photos, choose a color scheme, and complement the prints with the right frame. Utilizing the expertise of professional photographers, such as the London Family Photographer, can come a long way in taking great photos which you can display on your gallery wall.