A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Radiator


Getting the temperature right for babies is of paramount importance so it is vital to choose the right radiators that will create an ambient temperature that is just perfect for little ones. You want a radiator that is not only functional but also incredibly aesthetically pleasing to the eye. After all, your home is supposed to be a haven, and without the perfect home, it can soon become a place that you do not look forward to returning to after a day’s work. And also, be sure that you get some reflector panels for your radiators, as that’s a brilliant way of getting extra heat.

Aside from radiators, you might also need some heat pumps especially to battle against the cold weather and seasons. If you’re home doesn’t possess one yet, you can always contact heat pump suppliers online.

Here’s the best way to select the perfect radiator from its design to its functions and size.

Simplicity and Clean Lines

Eskimo panel radiators combine a simple and clean line with their panel radiators and have a number of stunning finishes that can be adapted to suit particular styles and décor, and their modular aluminium output radiator comes with a clean lined front fascia. Some of the styles include GONG which has a hand patinated copper or brass finish and another key style is Mighty Magmas – which is also hand patinated copper in luscious rose and burnt orange tones. Another innovative style is the Bamboo Radiator range which has proven to be very successful and looks amazing with a beautiful veneer finish, giving a Scandinavian look to any room.

Your radiator does not have to look out of place. In fact, it can look like it was made for your home.

Functional and Stylish

As well as looking great, Eskimo radiators use the best materials and technologies. With low water volume and a diverter as standard, this ensures they warm up quickly so that you can quickly attain a good room temperature, and they are also ideal for low temperature heating systems such as those that use heat pumps.

Choice of Models and Sizes

Eskimo make radiators and radiator cabinets that come in electric or central heating, water/hydronic model and these offer bottom end connections as standard. Alternatively, customers can request hidden valve models with the Hinge & Bracket design. The radiators come in a wide variety of sizes and orientations from full length to low, long designs that can fit under a window, and a bespoke service means that you can request sizes that can be made to your own specification.

Environmentally Friendly

As well as being a delight to look at, Eskimo radiators are well made and environmentally friendly, so if you are looking for that finishing touch for baby’s room, then consider this established and reputable brand as their designs and customer service really are second to none!

Comfortable Temperature

However lovely your room looks, ungainly or ineffective radiators will detract from the overall effect, and will also mean it is difficult to get that all important temperature that is comfortable for your baby. Therefore, don’t stint on this aspect of your baby’s room and make sure you get the comfort and style factor just right. Check if the air is evenly distributed by doing an air balancing test. Creating a warm and safe environment is obviously crucial, and with the right radiators you will feel reassured that the room is totally fit for purpose.

Image credit: Radiator via Zvone/Shutterstock