Dressing For The Summer: The Ultimate Guide

The summer is a particularly tricky season to dress for, and many males struggle to feel confident in their appearance during the warmer months of the year. This is because it can be hard to know what to wear as you will want to be comfortable in the hot conditions without resorting to flip flops, burp cloths and shorts. So, if you struggle to know what to wear when the sun comes out, and you want to look your best but stay cool and comfortable this summer then read on for all that you need to know about dressing for this season.


Tops are slightly easier to choose during the summer months as for casual outfits you can opt for a simple t-shirt or Pun Graphic Tees while for work and formal occasions you can wear light colored shirts and short-sleeved shirts. It is not always hot in the summer so you may also want to think about a warm and stylish jumper made from a material like cashmere – places like Statecashmere.com will be a good place to shop. There are a few key tops to add to your wardrobe for summer, including:


It is often the bottoms that men struggle with in the summer months. For casual outfits when it is too hot to wear jeans, a pair of lightly colored chinos can help you to stay cool while adding sophistication and style to your outfits. If you do want to wear shorts, then these should always be a smart pair with a simple shade that have minimal pockets and sit just about the knee. Lightly colored trousers are your best bet for professional and more formal occasions.


Footwear is another area where many men struggle during the warmer months of the year. This will depend on what else you are wearing but there are always a few good options such as those yeezy new releases. Smart additions to your summer wardrobe include:

It is also worth noting here that socks can be an issue during the summer. If you are wearing trousers then a thin pair will suffice but if you decide to wear shorts, then you should always wear invisible socks.


There are a few smart summer accessories to invest in too which can be both fashionable and practical. These include:

Summer can be a challenging season to dress for if you are a man, try this radiation glasses to protect you and give you an stylish look. You will want to look your best, but this can be hard when the sun is out and there are many strong opinions about what should and what should not be worn during these months. Hopefully this guide will help you to dress with confidence this summer and add to your wardrobe. Additionally, you must always be smart during the summer and dress appropriately, minimize time spent in direct sunlight and always wear sunscreen.

Image credit: Collection summer clothes via Konstantin Zubarev/Shutterstock