Fun and Entertaining Ways to Spend Your Weekend

Fun and Entertaining

There are plenty of activities to do once the workweek closes out and the weekend arrives. Like going to a resort with entertainment, shopping, going on a movie, etc. So, if you don’t want to feel as though you have wasted your time, here are some more five fun and entertaining ways to spend your time this weekend.

1. Go to a concert

Nothing is more exciting than seeing live music that you love. Concerts are so much fun, as the atmosphere draws out the joy in everyone. Imagine being in a room with thousands of people who all share the same love for the band or singer that you do, who all know every lyric to every song. The amount of positive energy in the room is something you need to see to fully understand and believe. The moment the artist walks out on stage, the whole crowd goes wild, and you get to see your favourite group or singer in person, sharing the moment with the entire audience.

2. Go to a sports event

Much like a concert, going to see a sporting event in person is much more exciting than watching it at home on your TV, or even in a bar. Witnessing all the drama of the plays first hand, getting riled up with the thousands of dedicated and screaming fans, and cheering when everything goes right for the home team. It’s nice to get those custom team jerseys for your family and friends before heading to the sports arena. Wear your colours proudly, grab some tickets from websites like, and head to watch the home team play or maybe try watching something new, such as an NFL football game. If you are a paintball player then, check out Pro Paintball will help you save time and money by making sure you get the absolute best paintball guns for your experience level, but if you really want to boost your entertainment level and want more adrenaline packed into your weekend then a firearms simulator with handguns, 9mm ammunition and pistol silencer is a great place to start. You might even develop an interest in the hobby and actually take up firearms training and look into a specific Firearm Accessory Selection so you can go to the range and shoot safely, and learn how to handle the real thing. In addition, if you are looking into changing the possession of a firearm from a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) to another FFL or to a customer, make sure to consult with a Firearm transfers expert so that you can do the process right the first time.

3. Enjoy the outdoors

If the weather is co-operating, why not spend a day exploring the outdoors? Grab a bike and take a long bike ride along rarely travelled paths, or go for a hike you’ve been meaning to check out. If you opt for the bike ride, think about bringing a picnic or even an instrument for when you get tired or find a good spot to stop and enjoy the view. It doesn’t take much effort to put together a few easy sandwiches, maybe head down to the wine store and grab a bottle of wine to share or cut up some summery foods like watermelon or strawberries, and you’ll be happy to have snacks on longer bike rides.

4. Have a spa weekend

Taking care of yourself is important, and the most relaxing way to do that is by heading to a spa. If you want to go big, spend the weekend at a spa getaway outside the city and fully immerse yourself in the relaxation and calming environment. Treat yourself and unwind, and you’ll thank yourself after when you feel completely rejuvenated. The only difficult part is deciding which one to go to since there are so many amazing choices.

5. Take a mini trip

If all else fails, why not just pack up and get out of town for a few days? Combine the excitement factor of enjoying the outdoors with the relaxing aspect of a spa day and take a mini trip somewhere you’ve wanted to visit for a while. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and head to the countryside to relax and recharge, or if you’re already outside of a city, spend a weekend in the city enjoying the nightlife and all the culture there is to offer. There are so many places to go, even if you don’t have a car and are relying on the train, there’s bound to be somewhere to suit anyone’s interests.

Image credit: Fun and Entertaining via Impact Photography/Shutterstock