The 5 best place near the sea in Hokkaido island (Japan)

The 5 best place near the sea in Hokkado island (Japan)

As a matter of fact, Hokkaido is typically synonymous of snow festivals and warm beer, not to mention winter Olympics. However, in addition to all this, Hokkaido enjoys some pretty charming, though unknown, seaside spots. Many people see their attractiveness in their wild charisma, and they can be ideal for hiking but with the right boots from, trekking or for observing nature in all its components, from landscapes to fauna. Others, on the other hand, are traditional weekend destinations for those looking for “beach life”, liveliness and services at all hours, and therefore attract a purely young clientele, but not only. Hokkaido, is the twenty-first largest island in the world, has six nature parks and more than sixty volcanoes Here are some of the most beautiful seaside spots in the prefecture of Hokkaido, to discover one by one in a  picturesque way.

This place is not subject to any of the typical characteristics that can be attributed to the Japanese nation, making it, almost, a separate ecosystem.

Its cold and snowy climate, cool and dry in summer, makes it the perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts and campers from all over the world. If you’re interested in learning to ski, then you can see more information on this website! It also creates the terrain to witness spectacular events like the ice beach. Si quieres encontrar una buena escuela esqui baqueira pásate por la web de Moga.

The ice beach

So beautiful and sparkling as to look like diamonds, the ice that creates on this beach attracts every year photography enthusiasts who go to immortalize the most interesting crystal shape.

When temperatures get colder, the waters at the mouth of the Tokachi River freeze and the waves of the sea break the ice into fragments, which are dragged onto the shoreline where the crystals remain shining in the sun.

Shiretoko Beach

This mountainous area is located in the most remote part of the country, just to the north-east of Hokkaido. It is the base of Japan’s biggest population of brown bears, and is not a traditional tourist beach location – yet what makes it so appealing is the wildlife and natural beauty of the area. There are tours available to show you the bear habitats and the famous Kamuiwakka Hot Falls.

Shimamu Beach

Shakotan Peninsula, these beaches and cliffs overlook the harsh, rocky waters of the Sea of Japan. For diners with an adventurous pallet, this area is known for the fresh sea urchin.

Beach Otaru

It is a popular seaside resort, which has become very popular with Japanese and overseas travellers. According to a survey conducted by the prefecture of Hokkaido among foreign visitors a few years ago, Otaru was ranked first among the favourite places on the island.

This is also known as a place for the party. Otaru “Dream Beach” is located just 15 minutes by train from Sapporo station and is a popular place for young people and university students. You can check out if you’re looking for the best student accommodations. Restaurants and beach bars offer a variety of affordable food and drink options, some of which stay open until early in the morning. If you like to stay in lively area while being able to save some money, this is the perfect spot for the cheapest holiday house in Hokkaido.    

Rishiri Island

A small and remote unknown island that can be seen in the distance from the northern coast of Hokkaido: Rishiri Island is a place where the long and harsh winters have kept away mass tourism, thus managing to preserve an unspoiled environment full of wonders.  This small sanctuary has a fascinating history and a charming location on top of a cliff that plunges into the sea.  It is said to have been built in honour of the Buddhist deity Benten by the crew of a boat that during a cloudburst managed to land without colliding with the rocks.  After passing the torii gate that marks the entrance there is a small red structure that stands on the peak of the cliff called “Rock of the Dragon God” by a popular legend that a dragon came down from the sky and disappeared into the rock. If you are planning on visiting the carious islands of japan, make sure to have reliable boat insurance for your trips in case of any emergencies.

Now that  you have 5 spots by the seaside to visit in Hokkaido, don’t lose any time and pack your suitcase for your visit in Hokkaido before all the tourist discover the beauty of this island!