Top 10 Merchandising Ideas for Aspiring YouTubers

Merchandising Ideas

So you’re on your way to the big leagues on YouTube with a hefty amount of subscribers, and you’re looking to promote your brand and strengthen your community. Well, merch is the perfect way to do that! If a Youtuber’s net worth has intrigued you, you can easily determine it with tools, such as a Net Worth Calculator, that are readily available online.

Retail merchandising strategy is one of the most effective tools at the center of a retailer’s plethora of options to alter design, launch products, scale, add to category assortments, and to build a successful business. To learn how to succeed in this line of business you can always get tips from Andrew Defrancesco.

Most retailers will begin to see returns on their strategy simply by applying a few of the retail merchandising tips and techniques like these solid idea to create for your YouTube channel and those at

1. Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts are a popular item that pretty much everyone wears, so you’ll never go wrong with Direct to Garment Printing Shirts. If you are looking for quality silk screen printing in Toronto then check out R&P Prints. They have the best prices and a wide range of selection to choose from when it comes to different brands, styles, colours, and sizes.

2. Tote Bags

Tote bags not only look great but have a practical purpose as well. Customizing tote bags is easy to do and they have just the right amount of space to put a design on them that represents your YouTube channel.

3. Baseball Caps

Almost as common as the classic tee, baseball caps are another popular choice when it comes to creating merch. They’ll get worn a ton through the summer and you’ll have fans advertising your channel for free with a cool-looking hat.

4. Stickers

Creating custom stickers is affordable and easy to do. You can turn almost anything into a sticker, including catch phrases, artwork that you use on your channel, and cut-outs of you in different poses. Fans can add your Custom Die Cut Stickers onto their laptop and show off your brand wherever they go.

5. Socks

Don’t overlook socks as a possible merchandising option! Lots of people love buying them and you can create some really neat designs as long as you’re willing to get creative. For example, popular YouTuber Markiplier sells black and white socks with his signature pink moustache patterned all over them.

6. Pins and Buttons

Enamel pins and buttons are making a comeback. You can turn pretty much anything into a pin or button, and fans can collect a ton of them at affordable prices. People love putting them on their backpacks, purses, tote bags, and even their jackets.

7. Lanyards

It’s always fun making merch that your followers can actually use. Lanyards can feature cool designs that your fans will love so that they can hold on to all their keys or ID cards in style.

8. Stationary

If you really want to get creative you could design your very own custom stationary set. This one might be a bit more challenging and expensive to do, so it might be better to sell them in limited runs. If you’re looking for a printing service that can do this, you could look here.

9. Plushies

Everyone loves plushies! For example, YouTuber TheOdd1sOut has capitalized on this demand by creating a range of plushies for fans to cuddle based on his animated drawings.

10. Hoodies

Hoodies are a great option and can also be custom screen printed in bulk. People love to wear them and they can be customized in a number of different and unique ways. Full-colour hoodies are a bit pricier but definitely worth it to produce quality apparel for your fans.

If you want to build real Youtube subscribers than check this out now because Youtube subscribers are super important. Hopefully these ideas have helped you to come up with your next YouTube merchandising line. Just remember to be creative and have fun with it!

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