Transforming Your Miami Property: A Guide

Miami Property

Miami is a fun, exciting place to live with a waterfront to die for and ocean views to soak in every day. It’s a sunny city with great year-round weather and a lot to do, but when it comes to getting a home in a great location the prices can get pricey. Thankfully, with a few key tips and tricks, you can transform your Miami property so that it feels bigger, more spacious, and is a joy to live in. Perfect for bungalows, apartments, or condos, these tips will help you love your home again. You may hire a property management company to take care of the renovations and do the maintenance work. Just don’t forget to take note of fees such as those of timeshare and other mortgages. If you’re struggling from any timeshare concerns, perhaps a Timeshare contract Cancellation legal help may be necessary.

Add a Guest Room Without a Room

If you have a second bedroom that is unused, the typical response is to set up a guest bed for whenever your friends or family need a place to stay overnight. In a small home or apartment, however, this is mostly wasted space. You deserve to have an office, or a workroom, or even a library.

This doesn’t mean you need to scrap having a guest bedroom at all. Instead, convert your living room into multi-purpose. You can invest in a Murphy bed Miami homes need to have to save space and still have functionality. When hidden away, the murphy bed set will simply act as a sunny open-face shelf that allows you to store books, knick-knacks, and other décor. When you flip the bed around, you’ll have your murphy bed that you can lower and give your guests a fully functioning bed without sacrificing your spare bedroom.

For small properties, having a multi-purpose living room can help you live happily without compromise. Save the extra bedroom for yourself and give your guests a quality sleep.

Keep the Colors Light

The colors in your property need to be light in order to disperse the natural daylight throughout your home. Dark colors will make your small space feel closed in. Though this can be ideal for some people, most want a home that feels large and spacious.

Get Custom Storage Units

One of the best ways to add space to your small Miami home is to sacrifice some floor footage for the benefit of advanced storage units. You could potentially use these storage units to add more functionality as well. Add that murphy bed into a wall storage unit, or create a window seat by framing the window with floor to ceiling cabinetry. Though this will be expensive as the best way to go forward with this strategy is to get it custom done to match the exact shape of your home, your home will never be cluttered again.

Prepare for Outdoor Living

If you frequently bike, swim, or do anything else in that beautiful Miami sunshine, then you are going to want to take extra steps and precautions to prevent the outdoors from eroding your home. Sea salt, in particular, can damage a property over time. As such, you might want to consider waterproofing your closet and adding a dehumidifier, so that you can store your wakeboard without worrying about growing mold. If you live next to a body of water, you will probably need to have a seawall. It may eventually be necessary at some point to get a seawall repair.

Image credit: Miami Property via Songquan Deng/Shutterstock