Main Problems People Face During The Winter With Plumbing

Winter With Plumbing

While plumbing issues can happen at any time of the year, much more can go wrong during the harsh winter months than when the weather is nice and warm outside.

If you find that you’re still having continuing problems with your drain clogging, the best idea would be to contact a septic tank pumping company for a septic cleaning service or a new septic tank installation and replacement service. A professional can fit your drain to a drain cover. You should not do this yourself because the experts of a professional septic service know that to do a septic repair or at least septic tank pumping, each drain needs a specific fit and kind of cover.

Always remember that you shouldn’t try any job you aren’t comfortable with! Call a professional before doing anything you are unsure of, they’d be happy to offer the best septic tank cleaning and high pressure jetting services as well as the best septic system installation and septic repair services.

Signs your Drain is Clogged

  • Your toilet, shower, or sink is draining slowly. If only one of these is draining slowly it might just be that you have a clogged drain, but if everything is draining slow, then it’s most likely coming from your sewer drain. This means you might possibly need to get emergency sewer repair and sewer jetting to fix the problem, or even need a toilet replacement.
  • A foul smell is coming from your water.
  • A sound such as rattling, gurgling, or any movement that’s unusual.

If you are concerned that a blocked drain could be the complication, it is better to clean out the clog earlier than later. If you wait until the snow starts to fall, it will be too late, so make sure your drain is clear before the temperature really begins to drop. According to plumbing contractors, it’s important to tend to this problem because water can quickly get backed up in your system.

That being said, there are precautions you can take that will lessen the chances of having major plumbing issues arise during this often unforgiving time of the year. You can contact a plumber beforehand to inspect your plumbing. Visit to see if they service your area.

So just because Mother Nature is having a bad day, that doesn’t mean you need to as well. Be proactive by knowing the main issues that can come up during the winter and take as many precautions as you can to reduce your chances of a major plumbing problem.

Our tips today come from a Certified Master Plumber in Texas, Elisha French, who owns the plumbing company Texas Plumbing Solutions LLC.

Frozen Pipes

This is obviously one of the more common plumbing problems when the weather dips below the freezing point, but there are several ways you can reduce the likelihood of this happening to your home or business.

That’s not to say that your pipes definitely won’t freeze, but you can reduce the chances of this happening by being a bit forward-thinking and doing a little work in advance of the winter season. You can protect your pipes by wrapping them with insulation and then keeping an eye on the water flow in the shower, or even in the bathroom and kitchen sinks. You can learn more from a plumber for these fixes.

If you’ve wrapped the pipes correctly, this should prevent them from freezing. But you’ll still want to watch them when the weather dips to really cold levels. You can also keep the water running just a little bit to lessen your chances of frozen pipes. This will reduce the water pressure in the pipes and may keep them freezing during especially cold days. So, you can try Steve’s Plumbing, LLC and see if they service your area for repairs.

Water Heaters

It’s only natural to use a lot more hot water when it’s cold outside. So instead of the 10-minute shower, you take during the summer, maybe you’ll enjoy that hot water splashing over your body for twice as long, or even until the hot water runs out completely. As you might imagine, this can put a strain on your water heater and lead to unanticipated problems during the winter season, so consider a heat recovery steam generator just in case.

The water running to the heater is also much colder during the winter, which makes it more difficult to heat and causes the heater to work harder and for longer than during other parts of the year. One trick to help reduce your chances of having a water heater problem during the winter is to reduce the water temperature in the heater to around 120-130 degrees.

This won’t eliminate the threat entirely, but it will improve the likelihood that you won’t have a failure at a time of the year when you really don’t want to be without hot water, so consult a water heater repair service before the winter starts. If your water heater unfortunately breaks down and need replacement, a new water heater installation is necessary.

Clogged Drains

A blocked drain can obviously happen at any time of year, but people generally tend to do more cooking in the winter months because they’re at home and not going outside as regularly as during other months.

Because of this, more scraps, grease, and other items work their way into the pipes, causing buildups over time and problems with your plumbing. To help prevent a major plumbing expense, avoid throwing any food in the sink and dispose of grease by pouring it into an old can or simply putting it in the trash bag directly. Call T.E. Spall & Son when you’re experiencing clogged drains.

If you’re in Auckland Australia and is looking for professional plumbing service then you can always trust Pro Pipe Plumbing which offers emergency plumbing services for commercial and residential. According to Gillies Group, clogged drains don’t happen overnight, as items generally build up over time and lead to a more extensive problem down the road. Take the small steps today to prevent a large expense tomorrow. If you need a professional to repair your plumbing, head to Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing.