5 Great Ways You Can Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel

Worker Remodeling Bathroom

One of the cheapest way for small bathroom renovations is to consider limiting your tiles, paint and buying used fixtures. There a lot of tricks that will actually stun you, just make sure you get a professional licensed company for your project. Discover inspirations for your bathroom remodel, colours and layouts by visiting RIZE Construct – an Australian bathroom renovations expert based in Gold Coast.

Whether the finishes and fixtures in your bathroom seem old and outdated or your family simply outgrows the space, a bathroom remodeling project can seem like the perfect answer to your problems. But when you start figuring up everything you’d like to do to make your cramped or lackluster bathroom more accommodating with new a frameless shower door.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options that can help you keep the bathroom remodeling project within budget and still get the results you’re envisioning. Here are five great ways you can save money on a bathroom remodel.

1. Enlarge Strategically

If running out of space is your reason for a bathroom remodeling project, then enlarging your bathroom is likely the goal. The problem is that enlarging the room could mean moving the plumbing around, which could cost you thousands. Fortunately, there are other ways to increase the space in the room  — as long as you think strategically.

For example, if your plumbing fixtures are along two walls, consider knocking out one or two of the other walls to open up the area for expansion. You can get what you need without the added cost of rerouting existing fixtures to accommodate the extra space. But be careful not to remove load bearing walls, as this can also amp up the cost.

3. Keep the Mirror Intact

When it comes to your bathroom mirror, the old adage applies, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Mirrors can age, but that doesn’t mean you need to get a whole new one to the tune of a few hundred dollars. A good clean and polish of the mirror should fix most of the issues, but if signs of age are still present, install a frame around the whole mirror to hide those issues.

When it comes to a frame, you can choose something more simple and elegant or more decorative and ornate. Framing the mirror will not only give a facelift to your bathroom and give the whole space a new aesthetic, it can also serve as a much cheaper solution than fitting a whole new mirror.

4. Avoid Spending More Than You Need to Spend

When shopping for your bathroom remodeling project, forgo the unnecessary luxuries that you might want but definitely don’t need. For example, you can modernize your toilet by getting one that conserves water, but you don’t need a custom bidet. The same goes for new faucets, showerheads or towel bars. There are a variety of price points available. For example, you could spend $40 for a new sink fixture or $400.

Take the time to shop around for the best deal because it can really pay off. If you shop and compare, you can sometimes find terrific deals and get even more than you bargained for. For example, Whitewater Kitchen and Bath in Salt Lake City, UT is able to offer quartz vanity tops in premium colors at a huge discount, “We can provide premium colors at hundred of dollars less than our competitors.  How do we do this?  We focus on quartz, and we are the largest fabricator of 3 cm quartz in the state.”

5. Paint Can Work Wonders

Although you may be tempted to invest in a full-tile job to upgrade your home’s bathroom space, painting can be quite effective. Not only can a fresh coat of paint hide signs of age, previous minor water damage or annoying stains, a good paint job with some quality paint and expressive colors can really add a wow-factor.

Plus, while it will take some hard work, consider removing any outdated, existing wallpaper to freshen up the space. You’ll still have to prepare the wall for paint after the removal, but the result you’ll get after painting is well worth it.  

You can also use paint to create an optical illusion. According to bathroom remodeling services, light colors or well-placed stripes can make your bathroom appear larger. In addition, painting ceilings and walls the same color can make the room feel taller because it extends the eye upward.

6. Replenish, Don’t Replace

Just as you can add a frame to the mirror instead of getting a new one, you can renovate parts of your bathroom without totally replacing them if you want to. If your tub or shower surround are dull, consider having the bathroom sink resurfacing. And if your bathroom’s countertops are outdated, it is possible to paint them and give them a whole new look. You can also look for a retailer who is offering a heavy discount on bathroom countertops.

Remember: A bathroom remodeling project doesn’t always mean a replacement. Your old stuff can be brought to life again with a simple makeover that will give the results you want while saving you plenty of money.