The Advantages and Disadvantages of Roller Shutters

If you’re fitting out your home, whether it be a brand new one or you’re renovating, choosing the right accompaniments for your windows can be a chore. Roller blinds or shutters may very well be at the very top of your list, perhaps due to a friend’s recommendation or simple due to their aesthetics, but you might not know much about them. There’s certainly more to roller blinds or shutters, like Roller Shutters Melbourne, than meets the eye, so to help guide anyone who is prospectively in the market for these blinds, we’ve listed a few pros and cons to help you figure out if they’re the option for you. 

Advantages of roller shutters

There are many advantages for those looking to invest in shutters, and one of the first ones many notice is how solidly they’re built. The shutters themselves are very solid, which is a huge boon when you’re looking to easily adjust light sources. The lack of crinkling or movement common to blinds will mean this adjustment will always be a pain-free affair. Plus, this solidness also means they’re easy to clean – solid materials means that stains aren’t an issue as they would be with curtains and roman blinds. Generous gaps between louvres make shutters easy to dust, so household cleaning won’t take up your entire weekend. This solidness again lends itself to one of the biggest strengths of roller shutters: light filtration. Those homeowners who value privacy will enjoy that even during the hottest days when there is a need highly effective way to block intense sun, installing roller shutters in Central Coast or similar coastal areas are more than adequate to block the often fierce light. Finally, aesthetic diversity is also another of the great advantages of roller shutters similar to Industrial Roller Shutters. Not only are they available in dozens of colors courtesy of Colourbond, there are dozens of styles available for the shutters themselves – both internally and externally.  

Disadvantages of roller shutters

One of the most apparent disadvantages of roller blinds is the associated cost. Due to the moving parts and high quality materials involved, roller blinds can be quite expensive, and that’s often not even considering the fit out your home requires. It is important to remember that the cost does reflect the quality of the blinds, and they are designed to last a long time because of this. Plus, having roller blinds installed can also elevate the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Aside from cost, roller shutters can make it harder to easily move furniture that is in close proximity to the shutter. This means bulky pieces, like a couch, cannot be put in front of the shutters easily and may demand the shuffling of furniture around in a room. For situations that might make this difficult, roller blinds might be a better solution for you. 

Still unsure about roller shutters?If you’re still not swayed by these pros or cons, it may be worth your while to consider some other options, such as shutters and roller blinds. Otherwise, speaking to a professional Rolling Shutters Installation service is an excellent opportunity to have all of your home decor questions about roller shutters answered. This way, you can offer them an example of your exact living situation and they may offer some options you hadn’t yet even considered!