The Home Renovations with the Highest ROI

Home renovation with fireplace

Home renovations may be done for the comfort and convenience of the home owner. However, they shouldn’t be done on the mere hope that it increases the value of your home. Nor do you want to spend a fortune making major changes when smaller ones may have a similar effect on the look and feel of your home. Hiring a well-known Re Roofing contractor for your roof concerns is a great idea to prolong the life expectancy of your roofs.

Change Out Your Hardware

Before you decide to rip out your cabinets and bathroom vanities, ask yourself what you’re really unhappy with. If the wood cabinets are in good shape, there may be a simpler solution: changing out the hardware. Changing the drawer handles could make them easier to open, just as switching from knobs to long lever controls for the faucet allow someone with limited grip strength to manage it. If your cabinets are difficult to pull out, determine if the problem is the rollers or the narrow handles themselves. Change out the hardware before you decide to just rip out everything and replace it. You could look here more info about renovations.

What if you’re just tired of how the bathroom or kitchen looks? Replacing the various knobs, bars and hinges could update the space in a way re-finishing may not achieve. For example, swapping out worn brass hardware with M.Marcus door hardware could make the space seem less drab. And replacing broken or worn hinges could solve the noise you hear when opening the door or the challenges you have getting that one cabinet open.

If you do decide to do a minor kitchen remodel, make sure all the hardware matches. Failure to do this undermines the cohesive design the kitchen is supposed to have.

Replace the Doors

Replacing your front door and garage door has an 80 to 100 percent ROI. If your front door looks like it has been kicked in, you’ll leave all potential home buyers with a negative impression of the property. If it is dirty and dented, this gives them a negative impression that’s hard to shake. Repainting the door doesn’t resolve structural problems. Replacing it does. You might be able to install a more secure door such as one that’s more resistant to forced entry. Or put in a new door that has much better insulation. Note that this is a great time to get an entry door with a larger window to let some light into your entryway.

Replacing a garage door or having a garage door repair is essential if it has been damaged by household drivers a few times. It reflects on the safety and sturdiness of the home. And if the garage door is still manually opened, consider having an electric door opener installed by Garage Door Repair Rochester Hills.

Repairing the Exterior of Your Home

Are there loose and missing shingles on the roof? Has the roof become discolored? At the very least, it needs to be repaired. For damages on an EPDM roof, there are EPDM Roof Restoration companies that can help with the repairs. If there is sagging or holes, the roof needs to be replaced. Diesel Roofing Company is the one to call for roof inspections, replacements and emergency roof repairs.

If your home has siding, take a good long look at it before hiring that siding company. Dents, cracks and other signs of wear and tear hurt the appearance of your home. Go ahead and replace it. If your home isn’t very energy efficient, either add more insulation while the siding is off or go with siding that has a greater insulation value. Hire exterior painting contractors to give your new siding an even better look.