Doing a Home Inspection After a Storm: a Checklist


Every year, storms, hurricanes, and other weather events cause enormous damage to homes. From the basement to the foundation and even to the roof, bad weather can damage your home in ways that you might not even realize. If your home is damaged in such weather events, it is always a good idea to get the home inspected if you would like to file an insurance claim. To hire the best inspector, visit the pre purchase inspections camden office or at least make sure you get some Radon Tests done to ensure the safety of your family.

Doing a thorough home inspection ensures that you are compensated fully for everything that was damaged. A good home inspection might also help the flood cleaning contractor do a great job of restoring your home to its former glory. Below, we will look at some essential things you ought to include in your home inspection checklist.

Damaged Fixtures

According to experts like JEOAH Electric, electrical systems, outlets, and appliances can get damaged if your basement floods during a storm and they should be included in your list of things to repair or replace. The greatest danger is not that you could lose power for a few days but that if this issue is not rectified, there is the risk of an electrical fire breaking out. Always make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergency. You can also hire a professional electrical repair in Chino Valley or the electrical repair services in Montgomery County, PA for any damages on your home’s electrical system.

The Exterior

Severe winds can rip your home apart. They can damage the exterior walls as well as the roof. When you hire a residential roofing company like Advantage Construction to do a home inspection for you, they will let you know the extent of the damage to your home’s exterior, roof, and other areas. They will also help you fill out an insurance claim if you need to file one. Most importantly, they will assess the damage and recommend a storm damage roof repair if necessary.

Apart from the roof and the walls, inspect the windows and doors to ensure they are not loose, cracked or damaged in any way. If your windows are damaged and need immediate repair, you need to contact Storm Window Repair specialists. Also check if there are any damages to your well pumps. In case of these damages, you will need to have a well pump repair.

The Basement

The basement is almost always in a mess if your home floods. If you find your basement flooded, start by removing any solid items and use a pump to remove the water. You can then let it air out naturally (not advisable) or use dehumidifiers to help hasten the process. On the other hand, you may contact a residential water damage restoration company to fix the damages caused by the flood.

If this has happened before, you should check the outside of your house to see where the water gets in. If you see loose gutters, hire a professional to fix them for you. If you see loose soil around the house, you should regrade the area and add dirt that slopes away from the house.

Structure Instability and Failure

Water, coupled with strong winds, is a very destructive force. It can cause foundation or walls to become weak, unstable, and lead to their failure. One sign that this is happening is bulges and cracks in your walls or foundation. Even if everything looks fine after a storm, check your walls and foundation every few weeks to ensure that you did not miss anything the last time you checked. Some of these problems might not show up for a few months after the storm, so it would be better if you contact a house underpinning and foundation repair and inspection company immediately.


Damage to a house caused by a storm is very common. If you want to ensure that there is nothing wrong with your house or want to file an insurance claim after a storm, a thorough house inspection is a must. Check the areas that are most likely to be damaged and keep checking for up to a few months after the storm has passed.